Newfoundland and Labrador Branch (NLNAC) – St. John’s

Newfoundland and Labrador Branch (NLNAC) – St. John’s

The Newfoundland and Labrador Branch of the Naval Association of Canada (NLNAC) is located in St. John’s Newfoundland. The branch is closely associated with HMCS Cabot, the local Naval Reserve Division, and the Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club.

NLNAC welcomes all those interested in working to ensure Canada has the strong Navy it needs, to become members. If you wish to find out more about us please read who we are and support, and what our mission and aims are. (For further information and a NLNAC point  of contact please email the NLNAC Treasurer Tony Dearness: or by phone at 709-722-2239. A membership form can be found at the bottom of this webpage)

Our Mission:

  • To Promote Effective National Maritime Security for Canada

Our Aims:

  • support both the Regular and Reserve forces of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and Navy League Cadets
  • support the Naval Association of Canada, its other Branches, the Navy League of Canada, the RCN Association and other like organizations;
  •  promote public awareness of the importance to Canada of an effective maritime defence force.
  •  maintain a strong and active Branch membership through a program of activities which keeps its members up to date on maritime matters and which responds to their needs and interests;
  • support organizations and individuals engaged in preserving all aspects of Canada’s Maritime History, with special effort to encourage and help members of the Branch to record and print their personal naval experiences;
  • foster comradeship and to maintain friendship amongst the membership particularly retired and serving Naval Officers and Personnel.


Regular Member 

  • Any retired or serving member of the regular or reserve components of the Royal Canadian Navy or the navy of any Commonwealth or foreign country
  • Any citizen of Canada who supports the Mission and Aims of the Branch;

Associate Member

  • A spouse or partner of a Regular Member may, upon application approved by the board, become an Associate Member of the Branch, which is a non-voting, social member of the branch without membership in NAC;

Honorary Member

  • The board of Directors may, at an Annual General Meeting, appoint an individual(s) as an Honorary Member(s) of the Branch;

Transfer of Membership

  • Any member in good standing of any other Branch of the NAC, upon application and subsequent admission to membership in the Branch, shall not be required to pay dues for the balance of the year for which dues have already been paid to any other Branch.


  • The annual membership dues are $50 for regular members: $40 goes NAC National and $10 to NLNAC (Note: for serving members of the RCN- Regular and Reserve, the National dues portion is $25).

Membership Form: (PDF) or (Word)