NAC Committees

NAC Committees

To assist in the conduct of business and achievement of objectives, NAC operates with the following standing committees. Their roles and general terms of reference can be found in the NAC’s Administration Manual:

Naval Affairs Committee: Chair – Tim Addison. Members – From both within and outside of the Association. Now includes the former Outreach committee. The NA committee is the heart of the National Association, delivering support to our Navy.

NAC Endowment Fund Committee: Chair – Adm (Ret’d) John Anderson.  Members – Diana Dewar, Richard Lewis, Michael Zwicker, Bryn Weadon. Terms defined in the Administration Manual.

Nominating Committee: Chair – Mike Hoare.  plus representatives from different geographic regions (recruited by the Chair)

Finance and Investment Committee: Chair – Vacant. Members – to be determined and the NAC Endowment Fund Treasurer as well as links to Branch Treasurers. NAC Branch Treasurers shall be ex officio members of the Committee.

Membership: Chair – King Wan.  Members – Mark Phillips; Branch Membership Directors/Representatives plus other interested members. National Membership System Implementation (Wild Apricot) – Gerry Powell

National Awards Selection Committee: Chair – NAC Vice-President Bruce Belliveau – Members – Mike Hoare and Mark Phillips. The Awards Committee reviews/approves nominations for awards put forward annually.

Council of Presidents: Chair – National President. Members – Branch Presidents.


Ad Hoc Committees: From time-to-time ad hoc committees may be formed to address specific issues.