Built on a base of retired and serving naval personnel of all ranks NAC welcomes as members all those interested in working to ensure Canada has the strong Navy it needs.

Naval Affairs

Naval Affairs is the core of NAC as we work to educate Canadians of all backgrounds as to the need for a capable Navy critical to our economic well-being and way of life.

What's New

  • 27 September 2019 – Need a Christmas gift for someone in your family or want to donate a book to a local school library – naval affairs will launching a childrens book soon “Mom’s in the Navy” – more details coming shortly!
  • 7 August 2019Niobe Paper No. 6, Maritime Threats to Canada (Daniel Sing)
  • 1 August 2019 –  Niobe Paper No. 5, Acquiring the Upholder Submarines (Paul T. Mitchell)

Flight Deck

NAC Responses to Inaccurate or Misleading Articles or Studies

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Upcoming Events

The 2019 NAC Conference and NAC Special Members Meeting will be held in Vancouver 2-6 October 2019 as part of NOABC's 100th anniversary celebration. celebration. Details can be found here:

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