NAC is made up of members of many backgrounds from across Canada who have an interest in our Navy and maritime security issues that impact the safety and security of our nation.

While all are members of the National organization, many cities are host to local branches that provide face-to-face opportunities to meet folks of similar interests. It is through branches that NAC administers its membership services (annual dues, member lists, etc…)

For individuals who currently members of, or wish to join a local branch and the branch offers on-line membership services, use the links in the para below to renew your NAC National and branch membership. 

The following Branch organizations offer on-line membership services: NAC-VI (Vancouver Island), NABC (BC Mainland), Calgary, Toronto, NAC-Ottawa, Montreal , and NSNAC (Halifax). Use the links under the pulldown menu “BRANCHES”  to link the appropriate website  For all other branches, contact the NAC Executive Director at and you will be provided a point of contact.

For individuals who are not located near a branch, you can join NAC by contacting the NAC Executive Director and completing the attached application form. The National portion of dues is $40 a year. We offer a special rate, $25, for those serving in the Canadian Armed Forces/Royal Canadian Navy (Regular and Reserve). And students, we can make you a very special offer!

NAC National 2021 Joining/Membership Renewal – Word

NAC National 2021 Joining/ Membership Renewal – PDF