Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Membership in the NAC is recognition that the navy has had a significant meaning in many members lives. At some point those members who have served their country and have been rewarded with enduring friendships, memories and satisfaction in return for this service. Past, present, future – the naval service of Canada needs our continued support – the NAC Endowment Fund offers that opportunity.


BranchRequestDescriptionGrant Approved
NAC-MontrealMin of 4, Max of 8 Mtl RCSCCsBell, Band, Class Equip & Shelving/Cabinets$5,000
NAC-Montreal7 Montreal Sea Cadet UnitsModel boat building Sea Cadet Competition
NAC-MontrealSea Cadet Trophies40 Trophies to Camp Best Sea Cadet
NAC-Montreal7 Montreal Sea Cadet UnitsEssay Writing Contest
NAC-EdmontonQuadra Education FoundationScholarships-Post Secondary$1,500
NationalHunter and Hunted: On Board a
Canadian Corvette in the Battle of
the Atlantic
Publication and Print of book$15,000
NAC-OCarswell Veteran’s HouseRefurbish and move Bytown Ship’s Anchor$5,000
NAC-OCanadian War MuseumSupply Line Travelling Education Program$2,000
NAC-ORCSC Education FundScholarships-Post Secondary$5,000
NACVIBroadmead Care SocietyHeart of the Story – Intergenerational and
Engagement Program
NACBCPublishing book for free distribution
to libraries & museums
Recognize life stories of 78 WWII Vancouver
enrolled RCNVR “citizen sailors” who died




BranchRequestDescriptionCategoryGrant Approved
NSNACHMCS SACKVILLEReplacement of Aluminum StairsPast$4,000
NSNACHMCS SCOTIANPublishing “Our Sailors – Our Stories”Future$3,000
NSNACHMCS SCOTIANMemorial Bench for 100th
NAC-MontrealSea & Navy League CadetsScholarships – 7 x $500FutureSee Note 1
NAC-MontrealMin 4, Max 8 Montreal Area RCSCCsVarious projects (4)FutureSee Note 1
NAC-MontrealSeamanship CompetitionBuilding small boat modelsFutureSee Note 1
NAC-MontrealRCSCC VICTORY plus othersBursary/Essay Writing ContestFutureSee Note 1
NAC-MontrealSea Cadet Trophies40 Trophies for Camp – Best Sea CadetPresentSee Note 1
NAC-OHMCS CARLETONRevitalization of National Naval Reserve MonumentPast$5,000
NAC-ORCSC Education FundScholarships-Post SecondaryFuture$5,000
NAC-TONational Band of the Naval ReserveCommissioning a composition of musicPast/Present$10,000
NAC-WinnipegNaval Museum of ManitobaBilingual Display-LABRADOR/DEWOLFPast$7,500
NACVITofino Clayoquot Heritage SocietyMuseum Exhibit (Hera) SupportPast$4,500

Note 1: NAC Montreal to allocate amongst the 5 requests.



BranchRequestDescriptionCategoryGrant Approved
NSNACHMCS SACKVILLEWNPAAS – Ship’s & Public’s SafetyPast$5,000
NSNACDemonstrable Naval connectionBursary – Post SecondaryFuture$1,500
NAC-MontrealSea & Navy League CadetsBest Sea Cadet Trophies (40)PresentSee Note 1
NAC-MontrealSea Cadet or Civilian InstructorScholarships – Post SecondaryFutureSee Note 1
NAC-MontrealSea & Navy League CadetsVarious projects (4)FutureSee Note 1
NAC-MontrealSeamanship CompetitionBoat Building Kits (40)FutureSee Note 1
NAC-OCanadian War Museum“Supply Line” education toolPast$2,500
NAC-ORCSC Education FundScholarships-Post SecondaryFuture$5,000
NAC-TOCdn Naval Tribute ProjectHMCS YORK MonumentPast$5,000
NAC-WinnipegNaval Museum of ManitobaBilingual Display-LABRADOR/DEWOLFPast$2,000
NAC-EdmontonHMCS QUADRA Training CentreScholarships – Post SecondaryFuture$3,000
NABCVanc. Naval Monument SocietyShipbuilding MemorialPast$3,000
NACVIVeterans Memorial LodgeCreative Arts ProgramPresent$3,000
NACVIMaritime Museum of BCArtefact Storage SuppliesFuture$5,000
NAC-OMultiFaith Housing InitiativeVeteran’s House BBQ & Seating AreaPresent$8,000

Note 1: A single grant amount of $5,000 to cover all 4 NAC Montreal applications. NAC Montreal to determine allocation for each activity.


BranchRequestDescriptionCategoryGrant Approved
NAC Naval AffairsEducational publicationsPublishing books for children/youth about the RCNPresent$5,000
NAC NLCrow’s Nest Officers’ ClubRefurbish U190 periscopeFuture$2,000
NSNAC (Note 1)HMCS SackvilleCanopy for brow areaFuture$0
NAC NationalNB Naval Memorial project, Saint JohnNew Brunswick Naval MemorialFuture$5,000
NAC ORCSCEF ScholarshipsScholarshipsPast$5,000
NLOC OshawaSupport to NLCC Hawkins and RCSCC Sir Francis DrakeSupport for local Corps operationsFuture$3,000
NAC TorontoRCSCC ChaudiereNavigation training simulatorFuture$4,000
NAC TorontoCanadian Naval Tribute ProjectMonument at HMCS YorkPast$5,000
Naval Association of EdmontonPost-secondary scholarshipsScholarships for HMCS Quadra cadets and junior officersPast$3,000
NOABCShipbuilder statueStatue to commemorate BC shipbuilding industryPresent$5,000
NAC-VIBroadmead LodgeVehicle replacementPresent$4,000
Note 1Project start date has been deferred



BranchRequestDescriptionCategoryGrant Approved
NAC -NSHMCS SackvilleFlatscreen video (public education)Present$5,000.00
NAC- MTLRCSCC seamanship competitionFollows last years success – build and sail whaler-like modelsFuture$1,750.00
NAC- MTLSea cadet unit supportProject support for four sea cadet unitsFuture$1,000.00
NAC -ORCSCEF GrantPost Secondary ScholarshipsFuture$5,000.00
Cobourg Museum


Statue – Fern SundeFirst woman wireless operator on a BOA merchant ship in the North AtlanticPast$2,000.00
NAC CalgaryNavy Captain Bill Wilson scholarshipPost grad military/strategic studiesFuture$2,500.00
NAC EdmontonQuadra Foundation ScholarshipPost-secondary scholarships for former QUADRAsFuture$2,000.00
NOABCShipbuilder MemorialCompletion est May 2020Past$5,000.00
NAC-VIVet’s Memorial LodgeReplacement electric beds (3)Past$6,081.00
NAC-VICFB Esquimalt MuseumScanning/digitizing historic recordsPresent$2,000.00
Directed Contribution
NAC LondonBOA Memorial UpkeepMaintenance & Flood repairsPast 





The PastGrant
SACKVILLE Mast & Crowsnest refurbishment/replacement$5,000
RCN Banshee Painting – 400 Sqn Hist. Society Project$500
Vancouver Shipbuilder statue – Statue to commemorate BC shipbuilding industry$5,000
BC Maritime Museum – Archive Storage$3,500
The Present
Navy League of Canada Awards Banquet in recognition of the 100thAnniversary of the Navy League and Royal Canadian Sea Cadets$2,500
Veterans Memorial Lodge Broadmead – Sara Stedy Safety Lift$2,500
The Future
Sea Cadet Essay Contest – Montreal$1,000
Build your Boat Phase 1- RCSC’s seamanship skills$1,500
Build your boat Phase 2 – Expand program to 3 Corps from 1Included with above
RCSCEF – post-secondary education scholarships$5,000
NLCC Uniforms – NLCC Vice Admiral Kingsmill$1,000
Scholarships – Hubell Awards thru Winnipeg Foundation for former Manitoba sea cadets$2,000
Quadra Education Foundation – post-secondary scholarships$2,500
Directed contributions (non-discretionary)
London Ontario BOA Memorial – ongoing repairs and maintenance$7,000


The PastGrant
Cdr Turner memorial painting$500
The Present
SACKVILLE – preservation of artifacts$3,000
SACKVILLE – shipboard safety communication system$5,000
Naval Museum of Alberta – mounting PRESERVER anchor$3,000
Crow’s Nest, St John’s – support for creation of digital library$1,000
Vancouver Shipbuilder statue – Statue to commemorate BC shipbuilding industry$7,000
The Future
Sea Cadet Essay Contest -Montreal$1,000
RCSCEF – post secondary education scholarships$5,000
Sea Cadet training trip to Halifax$2,500
Quadra Education Foundation – post secondary scholarships$2,500
Directed contributions (non-discretionary)
London Ontario BOA Memorial – ongoing repairs and maintenance$3,000


The PastGrant
HAIDA prints for naval/maritime museums$1,000
HAIDA – renew HVAC and replace liferaft bags$4,500
Canadian War Museum restoration of HMCS BONAVENTURE builder’s model for display$1,000
Omaha Beach Normandy – 31stMSF plaque replacement$2,000
Victoria – support for Hampton Gray memorial build$2,500
The Present
Broadmead Lodge Victoria – refurbish rooms$2,500
Crow’s Nest, St John’s – support for creation of digital library$1,000
Naval Museum of Manitoba – travelling education display$4,500
The Future
Sea Cadet Essay Contest – Montreal$1,000
RCSCEF – post secondary education scholarships$5,000
Directed contributions (non-discretionary)
London Ontario BOA Memorial – Completion of accessible walkway$4,500

Grants for previous years can be found in the document at the link below:

Our Legacy