Toronto Membership

Toronto Membership

Why Join NAC Toronto?

  • If you want to make new friends with those that have an interest in “Maritime Affairs” and possibly renew old friendships with Naval and Canadian Armed Forces colleagues.
  • You will enjoy the many NAC-TO social activities organized each year. There is three major Annual events planned. In the fall we host a “Trafalgar Day Luncheon” at the Royal Canadian Military Institute. We also host our ‘Xmas Hoist’ in early December of each year at the Armour Heights Officers’ Mess, located at the Canadian Forces College. And this year we are planning a Spring ‘Dine In’ Dinner, also at the Armour Heights Officers’ Mess.
  • Our very popular Monthly Speaker Series is in its Eighth Year. The Speaker Series is held at the Armour Heights Officers’ Mess located at the Canadian Forces College. For the most part our guest speakers bring a Maritime/Naval theme to these presentations. An informal meal at the Mess beforehand and a Pint during the speaker is not uncommon.


Ordinary/Associate Membership is open to any Canadian citizen of good character who has a genuine interest in Maritime Affairs and believes in the aims and objectives of the Naval Association of Canada and is willing to give their active support.

Annual Dues:

$80.00 for Ordinary/Associate members

$60.00 for active members of the Canadian Armed Forces

Keep the Change is a program that enables members to make donations supporting increased activity within the Toronto Branch.  These voluntary donations are collected with your annual membership dues.

NOAC Toronto Branch Scholarship Fund is a means for members to contribute to a Scholarship Fund managed by the Toronto Branch.

Canadian Naval Tribute Project – The Canadian Naval Tribute Project (CNTP) seeks to recognize a diverse, and largely uncelebrated, group of individuals for the historical contributions and impact they have made on the Royal Canadian Navy. Whether by acts of valour, exemplifying service before self, or breaking gender and racial boundaries, their tenacity and resolve embodied the very spirit of the present-day Royal Canadian Navy.

Tax Deductions.  Membership dues and donations to either the Branch Scholarship Fund or Keep the Change programme are tax deductible.  An Income Tax Receipt will be issued for the total amount.

You may download our Membership Form here: DOWNLOAD MEMBERSHIP