Requesting Endowment Fund Grants

Requesting Endowment Fund Grants

Applications for grants from the Endowment Fund are normally made through, and sponsored by, the local Naval Association of Canada Branch.  Where a Branch is not an appropriate sponsor, applications can be made directly through the National Executive.  The normal process is to for the Branches to make application on behalf of a local cause they wish to support, or to forward an outside request that they have received and which they support, to the Endowment Fund Allocation Committee through the National Executive Director.  The applications will be reviewed to ensure they are in accordance with the Statement of Purpose for the Endowment Fund, and will be selected for consideration ensuring that a regional balance of allocations is maintained given the amount of funding available, and that funding is available.  The sample Grant Application Form is available on this site and includes the minimum requirements for submission.  All applications are to be received by the National Executive Director by 31 May.

Application Process:

·       Applications submitted through the local NAC Branch President to NAC National Executive Director by 31 May.  These applications are to be signed by the local Branch President.

·       Executive Director vets applications and forwards them to the Chair of the EF

·       The EF committee reviews and makes selection proposals and forwards the list to the Executive Director for submission to the NAC National Board for approval.

·       Once approved, EF Committee will action the approved submissions.  (This action should start by 1 Aug.)

Application Form – Word

Application Form – PDF