Over the Horizon

Over the Horizon


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Twins Emma and Luke are spending the weekend with their grandparents. They find a model of a helicopter and start to play with it. Grandpa tells them that he used to fly a helicopter just like the model they found. When the power goes out during a snow storm, Emma and Luke hear about the adventures Grandpa had at sea flying a helicopter off a navy ship. Grandpa went to faraway places, and when he wasn’t watching for icebergs, pirates, smugglers and submarines, he was flying his helicopter to rescue people in a sinking ship. There were many exciting adventures flying over the horizon!

The idea for this book series, of which “Over the Horizon” is the third, was born of a conversation with a mother of small child. She said that her son loved to read books about firemen and policemen. It seemed a great idea to create a book about sailors. Why not create a book that tells fictionalized accounts about real things that the Royal Canadian Navy and RCAF Maritime Air do?

Part of the Naval Association’s mandate is public education, and this was a way to tell Canadian families about what their navy does.

For every book sold, NAC will donate $1 to the MFRCs on the East and West Coast; Your Navy’s preferred fund for this project

Your Naval Affairs Program in Action!

For more information contact David Soule, Executive Director of NAC (ExecutiveDirector-NAC@outlook.com), or Dr. Ann Griffiths (ann.griffiths@dal.ca).