Mom’s in the Navy

Mom’s in the Navy

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The NAC’s naval affairs program coordinator, Dr. Ann Griffiths, has been pursuing the development of a children’s book. The idea for this book series, of which “Mom’s in the Navy” is the first, was born of a conversation with a mother of small child. She said that her son loved to read books about firemen and policemen. It seemed a great idea to create a book about sailors. Why not create a book that tells fictionalized accounts about real things that the Royal Canadian Navy does?

This “first go” is focussed on 8 year olds and is about a young girl whose mom goes to sea and participates in the RCN’s support to the help the people of Haiti recover from an earthquake. The story is told through the young girl’s eyes and how she and her mom keep in touch. 

Part of the Naval Association’s mandate is public education, and this was a way to tell Canadian families about what their navy does.

For every book sold, NAC will donate $1 to the MFRCs on the East and West Coast; Your Navy’s preferred fund for this project.

Your Naval Affairs Program in Action!

For more information contact David Soule, Executive Director of NAC (, or Dr. Ann Griffiths (  Working on a Victoria contact…coming soon