Veteran’s Corner

Veteran’s Corner

VAC Definition of a Veteran –  When people think of Veterans, many immediately picture someone who served in the First World War, Second World War or the Korean War. While many Canadians recognize these traditional Veterans, the same may not always be true for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Veterans – those who served Canada since the Korean War.  In fact, some former CAF members don’t even see themselves as Veterans.  Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) wants to change this and is working to ensure CAF Veterans receive the honour and recognition they have earned and so richly deserve.  VAC considers any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who releases with an honourable discharge and who successfully underwent basic training to be a Veteran.  This Veteran status recognizes the risk CAF members assume by wearing the uniform and pledging allegiance.  Canada’s modern-day Veterans are carrying on the traditions, values, and legacy of wartime Veterans, and all Canadians, especially our youth, should be aware of their accomplishments and sacrifices.

Please note that other criteria, in addition to Veteran status, are needed to qualify for services  from the Department.

Nationally Relevant

Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program

Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) programme

Veteran’s Transition Network

VETS Canada (Veteran’s Emergency Transition Services)

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) – (Detailed services explanation with contact info)
(Phone 1-866-522-2122 (toll-free) Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30, local time)

VAC Programme and Services Publications  (Comprehensive explanations)

VAC and Last Post Fund Burial Assistance Programmes

Government of Canada – Programs and Services for Seniors

CAF Military Pension (For any CAF pension issues or questions) (Phone 1‑800‑267‑0325)

Director of Casualty Support Management – The Guide to Benefits, Programs, and Services for Serving and Former Canadian Armed Forces Members and their Families

Royal Canadian Legion Service Officer Handbook (A useful explanations, definitions, and a compendium of pertinent info)

Office of the Veteran’s Ombudsman (should you feel the system is failing you)
(Phone toll free 1-877-330-4343)

National Association of Federal Retirees (a worthwhile advocacy and info group)

Canadian Military and Veteran discount list (Free) –

Provincial Guides: Retirement and Senior Care in Canada (Commercial)

Regional Authorities and Guides – West to East to North

BC – Regional Health Authorities

BC Seniors’ Guide – 12th Edition

BC Senior Living Association (BCSLA) (highly respected organization that can help explain housing options)

The Victoria Capital Region Seniors’ Services Directory (A useful guide to local services)

Alberta – Health Care Zones 

Alberta Senior Communities and Housing Association

Alberta Seniors Information Guide

Saskatchewan – Health Care Authority and Regions

Saskatchewan Seniors Association Incorporated

Saskatchewan Programs and Services of Interest to Seniors  (Open the Download)

Manitoba – Health, Seniors and Active Living 

Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba

Manitoba Senior Living Guide

Ontario – Health and Long-Term Care

Soldier’s Aid Commission Act, 2020 and accompanying regulations  January 1, 2021. Program modified- eligibility expanded to include all eligible Ontario Veterans and their eligible family members regardless of where and when the Veteran served.

Ontario Retirement Communities Association

A Guide to programs and services for seniors in Ontario

Quebec – Health Regions

Seniors Association Quebec

Quebec Programs and Services for Seniors

New Brunswick – Regional Health Authorities

New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation

Prince Edward Island

PEI Senior’s Guide

Nova Scotia – Health Authority

Nova Scotia Positive Aging 2019-2020 Directory

Newfoundland and Labrador – Health and Community Services

Northwest Territories – Seniors’ Information Handbook 

Nunavut – Health Facilities Map


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