Toronto Branch

Toronto Branch



The Toronto Branch of the Naval Association of Canada (NAC) was founded in 1946.  The first President was Lieutenant Charles Arthur (Bones) Burke, DSC and Two Bars.

 Our goals are to:

1. To educate the Canadian public and the Canadian government on the capabilities of Canada’s naval forces and to identify the importance of the long-term enhancement of these capabilities to the future security and well-being of Canada.

2. To cooperate with other organizations having objectives wholly or in part the same as or similar to the objectives of the Naval Association of Canada.

3. To further public acknowledgement and preservation of Canada’s maritime heritage by providing grants to support naval projects, naval museums and trusts, and to organizations that provide support to Veterans.


  • If you want to make new friends with those that have an interest in “Maritime Affairs” and possibly renew old friendships with Naval and Canadian Armed Forces colleagues, then we are the organization.
  • You will enjoy the many NAC-TO social activities organized each year. There is three major Annual events planned. In the fall we host our Annual “Trafalgar Day Luncheon” at the Royal Canadian Military Institute. We also host our Annual ‘Xmas Hoist’ in early December of each year at the Armour Heights Mess, located at the Canadian Forces College. And for the first time in September this year we hosted a very successful Annual ‘Dine In’ Dinner as well at the CFC Armour Heights Mess, with Author/Historian Ted Barris as our Special Guest Speaker.
  • Our very popular Monthly Speaker Series is in its EleventhYear. The Speaker Series is held at the Armour Heights Mess located at the Canadian Forces College. For the most part our guest speakers bring a Maritime/Naval theme to these presentations. An informal meal at the Mess beforehand and a Pint during the speaker is not uncommon.
  • As well we are looking to add in the new year, an evening of Axe Throwing and another evening a Tour and Tasting at a Micro-Brewery is planned.

‘The Binnacle’

  • The Official newsletter of the Toronto Branch of the NAC is the ‘The Binnacle’  This newsletter is published three times a year and made available to the membership
  • Members of the Toronto Branch are also members of our National Association and receive the ‘Starshell’ which is also published four times a year