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NAC News – Edition K498

NAC News – Edition K498

Sailor Second Class Victoria Burge, a bosun with HMCS Moncton, leaves on her first deployment on Operation Projection to West Africa. JOANIE VEITCH

Your weekly national and international naval news for the week of January 27th, 2023

Edition: K498 HMCS Petrolia (WWII Castle Class corvette)

From the calendar:  29 January 1914 First public parade of Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve (RNCVR) in Victoria.  With ex-RN instructors they were part of the precursor to the RCNVR.  31 January 1923 – The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve and Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve are established.  Twenty-two years later during the second world about 100,000 officers and men were enrolled in the RCN, the RCNR, and the RCNVR, and some 6,500 women in the WRCNS.  The peak strength of the entire Naval Service was reached in January 1945 with over 92,000 including Wrens.  Most of these men and women were members of the RCNVR.  After the Second World War, the RCNVR was merged into the Royal Canadian Navy Reserves.

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NEW  The Vice-Admiral (Ret’d) Peter Cairns Award was created to recognize and honour Canadian innovators and trailblazers in the shipbuilding industry who have made inspiring contributions to Canada, the Canadian Marine sector and the Canadian shipbuilding industry.  Submissions need be completed and submitted to Maritime Affairs Navy League of Canada no later than February 23rd, 2023.  Attention to Committee Chair Mme Louise Mercier.

RCN: Canada’s Naval Reserve celebrates centennial in 2023  You can find information on activities planned in all the NRDs on the UNTDA website along with the programme and on-line registration for a major conference and celebration organized by the UNTD in Victoria 9-12 May 2023Cross Canada listing of Events taking place during the Centennial of the Canadian Naval Reserve in 2023

NEW The Canadian Naval Tribute Project (Editor – the Project has an impressive new website.  The team is still seeking and accepting donations for this worthy project!)

NEW Wednesday, 15 February 2023 The Royal United Services Institute of Nova Scotia extends an invitation to a presentation by Brigadier-General G. Michael Adamson, Commander, 3 Canadian Space Division, titled “3 Canadian Space Division.”  The event will start at 1 pm Atlantic/Halifax time, Wednesday, 15 February, then be followed by Q&A and finish by 3 pm Atlantic time.  To register email by close-of-business Sunday, 12 February.  As the subject line for your registration email, put: RUSI(NS) Distinguished Speaker 15 February 2023 Registration.  In addition to your name, please provide your organization (agency/directorate, unit, association, or company).


28 February 2023  ShipTech Forum 2023 8:00 – 18:00 (Ottawa time) The ShipTech Forum is a hybrid conference with virtual access too.  It is intended to showcase emerging technologies, address a range of marine and shipbuilding issues as well as ship repair and the advantages they provide for growth and export.  To register visit  All serving Naval & Public sector Personnel can register for Free!  Discount for NAC members who wish to purchase a ticket, we will supply you with a discount code ($50 savings from regular rate).  Discount of $175 for NAC members who wish to purchase a booth.  One complimentary ticket for a NAC representative to attend (value of $425)

Canadian Naval Review holds an annual essay competition. A prize of $1,000 is awarded for the best essay, provided by the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust. The winning essay will be published in CNR.  Deadline for the 2023 Competition: 30 May 2023 (Third item down at link)



Why Seablindness, Not Putin, Could Be The Biggest Energy Threat

Finland calls for ‘time-out’ in heated NATO talks with Turkey



HMCS Fredericton leaves Halifax on 6-month NATO mission and official announcement HMCS Fredericton deploys in support of NATO assurance and deterrence measures

Comment: The military should focus on protecting Canada and the other side of the coin Comment: Appeasement and isolationism are unrealistic (Editor – I recuse myself from comment)

Diane Francis: Justin Trudeau Liberals keep proving they are amateurs

Bateman Gallery, Maritime Museum propose trading places (Editor – BZ NAC member Jamie Webb and team for persisting with your vision, good luck!) and then!!! Maritime Museum of BC Receives $1M Donation – the Largest in Institution’s 68-year History!

Military concludes Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin did not commit sexual assault

VAC: Education and Training Benefit  (Editor – wow)

Benedict Cumberbatch reads a hilarious letter of apology to a hotel (Editor – Couldn’t resist…8:04 min video)

Lookout: Volume 68, Issue 3, January 23, 2023

Monday January 23, 2023 Volume 57, Issue 2 with AOPS construction update and HMC Ships Moncton and Glace Bay deploy to West Africa



USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Jan. 23, 2023

CSIS: Empty Bins in a Wartime Environment (Editor – wake up call 3:51 min video)

CSIS: A Global Outlook with Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper (Editor – not maritime but interesting in a 42:51 min video)

Northrop Grumman makes play to add power, space on DDGs for weapons

General Dynamics NASSCO Christens 3rd John Lewis-Class Fleet Oiler For U.S. Navy

US Navy completes modernization of aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson

USCGC Decisive Returns Home from Final Patrol

CIMSEC: hospital ships: a vital asset for SOUTHCOM and South American navies

3D Printing: Navy Builds Up Additive Manufacturing on Ships

Brazilian Navy Suddenly Seizes Its Old Warship, Forcing It To Sea

Iranian Navy Flotilla Heading to Rio de Janeiro

Military, civilian divers complete critical sustainment at undersea range



Senator Questions If Allies Would Aid Taiwan in Potential Chinese Invasion (Editor – a blunt but critical issue…ambivalence emboldens bullies)

Days After Maritime Talks, China Drives Off Philippine Fishing Vessel

China Puts Missile Bases on Disputed South China Sea Islands – Analysis

Aatmanirbhar Bharat: DRDO’s Fuel Cell-based Air Independent Propulsion system to soon be fitted onboard INS Kalvari, significantly enhancing its submerged endurance

Search Underway as Cargo Ship Sinks Off Japan

USS ‘Anchorage’ in Colombo to participate in CARAT – 2023

India commissions fifth Kalvari-class submarine

Turkiye’s STM Delivers 2nd Upgraded Agosta 90B-Class Submarine To Pakistan Navy

India Navy’s MiG-29K to start trials on aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

New Zealand bids wistful adieu to its Orion P-3s

US Coast Guard vessel Spencer arrives in Togo

CIMSEC: Tankers for the Pacific fight: a crisis in capability (Editor – like all forms of warfare logistics with fuel supply being dominant)

Russia Project 21180M icebreaker Yevpaty Kolovrat to go to Kamchatka

Plasan Signed a Contract With BAE Australia to Armour the 1st 3 Hunter Class Frigates for the RAN

Philippine Coast Guard to Acquire 5 97-meter Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) from Japan

Sudirohusodo-class hospital ship KRI dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat joins Indonesia Navy

Malacca Strait: How one volcano could trigger world chaos (Editor – here is something to ponder)




Turkish Cargo Ship Hit By Missile in Ukraine

Bulgarian Navy Detonates Two Drifting Naval Mines in the Black Sea

The staggering cost of US support for Ukraine (Editor – for perspective)

RUSI paper: Navies and Economic Warfare (Editor – pdf copy for free download)

Ukraine: UK-donated Sea King helicopter seen for first time near Black Sea

Naval Drones: Analyzing Ukraine’s Devastating New Weapon (Editor – a bit odd, but intriguing 22:06 min video)

US and Germany ready to send tanks to Ukraine – reports (Editor – not a maritime article but one of significance…it remains to see how effective the Ukrainians can be with them) and then Ukraine War: United States to send 31 Abrams battle tanks  and a couple of CFC papers about Canada for context, sigh Adam Zivo: How Canada sabotaged its own fleet of tanks


Sailing West-Atlantic, Northern Fleet frigate plays propaganda-game with hypersonic missile

Babcock holds steel cutting ceremony for Royal Navy’s Type 31 frigate Active

CSIS: Russian Arctic Threat Growing More Potent, Report Says (Editor – a great graphic map with noteworthy perspective and a 47:17 min video included)

Spanish Navy to Procure New Anti-ship Missile System via NATO Support and Procurement Agency

Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring completes PIP

The Type 32 frigate programme – over before it began?

Ukraine’s First MK VI Patrol Boat Breaks Cover

Two Ukrainian warships train together off Scottish coast

Thales Confirms Interoperability Of Its MCM Solutions With NATO Navies

Russian Arctic LNG advances in European market (Editor – this is bizarre) and then I found this! Why are so many Western companies still doing business in Russia?

Captains battle thick sea ice in Arctic Russia, despite possible record warmth

Rosneft to lift sunken dock in Kola Bay

Germany welcomes floating LNG terminal Hoegh Gannet

Norway Finds ‘Substantial’ Mineral Resources on Its Seabed



Russia frigate Admiral Gorshkov armed with Tsirkon hypersonic missiles to go to Syria

Saudi Arabia Remains China’s Top Crude Supplier (Editor – the reality of it all)

CENTCOM and Israel Defense Forces Conduct Exercise Juniper Oak 23.2 and Carrier USS George H. W. Bush in Eastern Mediterranean in Joint U.S.-Israel Exercise Juniper Oak

Combined Task Force 152 Conducts Exercise in Arabian Gulf with Unmanned Vessel

Indo-Pacific and Middle East Deployment 2023 (IMED23) unit departed from Funakoshi Base, Yokosuka.

Fincantieri officially launches LPD Al Fulk for Qatari Emiri Navy



Video: Spanish Police Bust Drug-Laden Freighter in Underway Boarding

Reutech develops ship navigation radar receiver

Nigeria Celebrates Dedication of Deep Sea Port Built by China

Eavesdropping on the Earth Using Subsea Fiber-Optic Cables (Editor – begs the question, what else can be heard?)

Nigerian Navy orders nine boats from French shipbuilder Ocea

What it’s like on the world’s largest cruise ship, Wonder of the Seas (Editor – “five times larger than the Titanic”, amazing, wonder what the SAR Area Commander’s plans are?)



Kommuna – Guide 319 (Editor – amazing story in a 5:36 min video)

Conquering The Arctic: HMCS Labrador, the Piasecki HUP-3 Retriever and the Bell HTL-4 (Editor – 12:26 Min video)

A string of historic RCN/RCAF aircraft for the aviation enthusiast amongst us!

RCAF LOCKHEED SP2 Neptune Grumman Tracker (Editor – 2:09 min video)

Nightmare Fuel For Soviet Submarines; the story of the Canadair CP-107 Argus (Editor – 27:30 min video)

The Canadian Sea King Helicopter (Editor – Col. Orr presentation in 1:00:29 min video) and Beartrap: The Best Way To Land A Big Helicopter On A Small Ship At Sea (Editor – 10:25 min video)

The Mariner’s Mirror Iconic Ships 19: HMS Agamemnon – Nelson’s Favourite Ship (Editor – 28 min video)



29 January 1914  First public parade of  Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve (RNCVR) in Victoria.  With ex-RN instructors.

29 January 1946  The celebrated Schooner Bluenose sinks after hitting a reef off Haiti.

30 January 1991  At the Battle of Babiyan two CF-18s were diverted to attack an Iraqi fast patrol boat that had managed to escape destruction by other aircraft.  After two strafing runs with the CF-18s 20 mm guns, the boat was irreparably damaged and later found to have sought safe-haven in Iran.

31 January 1923  The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve and Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve are established.  Twenty-two years later during the second world about 100,000 officers and men were enrolled in the RCN, the RCNR, and the RCNVR, and some 6,500 women in the WRCNS.  The peak strength of the entire Naval Service was reached in January 1945 with over 92,000 including Wrens.  Most of these men and women were members of the RCNVR.  After the Second World War, the RCNVR was merged into the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve.

1 January 1991  The crew of HMCS Preserver flies to the Persian Gulf to relieve HMCS Protecteur’s crew.

1 February 1911  The first recruiting posters for the RCN are issued to post offices throughout Canada.

1 February 1968  The personnel and organization of the RCN, Canadian Army, and the Royal Canadian Air Force were unified into a single organization, the Canadian Armed Forces.

2 February 2003 HMCS Regina joins the Canadian Naval Task Group, part of the international anti-terrorism campaign in the Persian Gulf.

SIGNIFICANT RCN DATES – If you see any omissions or errors please inform me, and any more modern significant dates are also welcomed.  The list draws primarily from the Directory of History and Heritage’s comprehensive “Significant Dates in Canadian Military History”, the now defunct “Canada Channel”, “Legion Magazine”, The Naval Service of Canada, Its Official History Vol 1-3, NAC member Roger Litwiller’s excellent web site, encyclopedic guidance from NAC member Fraser McKee, the site, and anywhere else I can find credible information.  For the merchant ship history, a special thanks to NAC member Bill Dziadyk for his able assistance and detailed work.  The RCN lost 1,965 men and 24 ships during the War, most of them in the Atlantic.  A comprehensive list of the staggering merchant losses – sunk, damaged, or lost – Canadian Merchant Ship Losses of the Second World War, 1939-1945 by Rob Fisher {Revised June 2001}, and for the loss of individual personnel RCN Ship Histories, Convoy Escort Movements, Casualty Lists 1939-1947)

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