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NAC News – Edition K459 HMCS Thetford Mines and MTB459

NAC News – Edition K459 HMCS Thetford Mines and MTB459

Your weekly national and international naval news for the week of April 29th, 2022

Edition K459 HMCS Thetford Mines (WWII River Class frigate) and MTB459 (a WWII G Type torpedo boat worthy of mention as she represents so many RCNVR crewed smaller coastal warfare vessels that served so heroically…and a great crew photo)

Quote of the week. “And while the West has enjoyed peace at home the world has seen, depending on how you count them, between 150 and 300 armed conflicts since 1945.  Some, such as the Korean or Iran-Iraq wars, have been, like many earlier ones, between states, but by far the greatest number have been inside states, whether struggling for independence against imperial rulers, as in Algeria and Indonesia, or civil wars.” Margaret McMillian: War, How conflicts shape us, Penguin Canada 2020 pg. 267

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1 May BOA Commemoration Services – A short list of Battle of the Atlantic Commemorative events is listed before the “This Week in RCN/Maritime History” section near the bottom of the email.

29 Apr-1 May –  Vancouver – 2022 Fleet Weekend

NEW 11-13 May 2022 Nautical Institute of British Columbia will be hosting their 2022 Conference – Maritime Arctic, Changing Opportunities and Challenges, at the Marriott Inner Harbour Victoria.  This conference will discuss opportunities and challenges associated with the maritime sphere in the Arctic with focus is on Maritime Security, including a panel with speakers from the Canadian Navy and USCG.  Register  at this Link or the NIBC website.

NEW 11-13 May 2022 Nautical Institute of British Columbia will be hosting their 2022 Conference – Maritime Arctic, Changing Opportunities and Challenges, at the Marriott Inner Harbour Victoria.  This conference will discuss opportunities and challenges associated with the maritime sphere in the Arctic with focus is on Maritime Security, including a panel with speakers from the Canadian Navy and USCG.  Register  at this Link or the NIBC website.

NEW  17-19 May 2022 Niagara Falls, ON.  Mari-Tech 2022 Conference and Exhibition titled Industrial Revolution Making Waves.  Mari-Tech was created by the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (CIMarE) in 1976 and is the premier event for the marine engineering community in Canada. The 2022 event is Co-Hosted by CIMarE Great Lake Branch and SNAME Great Lakes/Great Rivers Section.

14-16 November 2022 The MSC organisers have decided given the ongoing COVID-19 environment to postpone MSC22 which was originally scheduled for March 2022.  The team announced that the in-person MSC22 will now take place in Victoria, BC.  The draft program for this November’s MSC22 is now posted on the MSC website and is available on the MSC social media channels.



Sweden and Finland agree to submit NATO applications, say reports (Editor – oh boy, what will the Russians do) and a 4:44 min video Ros Atkins on… Finland, NATO and Russia

Years Of Neglecting Our Armed Forces Has Left Canada Vulnerable, And Less Able To Provide Equipment To Ukraine In Their Moment Of Greatest Need and Does Canada Need A New Naval Strategy? (Editor – opinions that struck a chord: “Unfortunately, Canada’s traditional approach to defence tries to be all things without adequately funding them.”) and if that’s not clear enough How would Canada approach the prospect of war?



2019 and 2020 Admirals’ Medal. This award has been in abeyance for the past couple of years, and in the meanwhile the NAC has assumed responsibility for administration of the Foundation from the RCN.  With things returning to normal, it is an absolute delight for the NAC to announce the 2019 and 2020 recipients:

2019 Professor Barry M. Gough, FRHS – Dr Barry M. Gough is Professor Emeritus of History at Wilfrid Laurier University and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, with additional affiliations including Past President of the Canadian Nautical Research Society and of the British Columbia Historical Federation, founding member of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, and Archives By-Fellow Churchill College Cambridge UK.  He is recognized for his lifetime achievement as a global maritime and naval historian, beginning with a pioneering study of The Royal Navy and the Northwest Coast of North America, 1810-1914 (1971), through some thirty major volumes and numerous articles, culminating with the magisterial Pax Britannica: Ruling the Waves and Keeping the Peace Before Armageddon (2014) and Churchill and Fisher: Titans at the Admiralty (2017), a body of work which has earned him international acclaim as a Canadian scholar of the highest order.

2020 Captain Rolfe G. Monteith, CVSM, CD, RCN (Ret’d) – Captain Rolfe Monteith served in the RCN (1940-70) as an Engineer Officer with Marine and Air specializations, including aboard the aircraft carrier HMCS Magnificent and as Project Director for the Canadian Hydrofoil Project, emigrating to the United Kingdom upon retirement from the Navy for a second career in the British marine industry.  He is awarded the Admirals’ Medal for his many activities on behalf of Canadian naval veterans, in particular formation of the Canadian Naval Air Group (CNAG) and Canadian Naval Technical History Association (CNTHA), and continuing promotion of the Canadian Veterans Association (UK) and the Arctic Convoys to Russia Association.

4 RMC cadets dead after incident at Royal Military College in Kingston, Ont.

Majority of Canadians have no interest in joining the military, DND poll shows (Editor – another example of why the NAC Naval Affairs programme is so important)

Chief of the Defence Staff announces first 2022 Canadian Armed Forces General and Flag Officer senior promotions and appointments (Editor – official announcement)

Asterix returns to N.S. after accompanying HMCS Halifax to Bermuda and England (Editor – wonder if the RCN will extend the contract as a third AOR [a Provider])

Racism report takes military to task for not doing more over past 20 years and Minister’s Advisory Panel on Systemic Racism and Discrimination (Editor – official briefing in a 42:32 min video)

On target: selling the ’sizzle’: Canada boosts defence spending (Editor – a different perspective)

Nearly 1,000 CAF members denied exceptions to COVID-19 vaccine mandate – National

From PAT to Pacific

Changes in the Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System

Ottawa firm lands DND funding for system to keep naval personnel safe at sea

Military members feeling bite of skyrocketing housing, living costs: defence chief

Montreal Makes Pitch for Ships to Head North Amid Supply Chain Snarls

PSHCP negotiations continue, though not without challenges

Canada issues new environmental measures for cruise ships

World’s 1st zero-emission tanker showcases Corvus batteries (Editor – Corvus Energy founded in Vancouver)

North Van firm to launch Canada’s first hydrogen-powered marine vessel



USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: April 25, 2022

CSIS: Maritime Security Dialogue: The Future of the U.S. Navy  (Editor – insightful interview with the CNO in a 56:15 min video)

Franchetti Tapped for VCNO; 3rd Fleet Koehler to Joint Staff, Cheeseman to CNP

Commanders stripped of investigative authority over sexual harassment allegations within their own units

GAO Report on F-35 Cost Growth, Schedule Delays (Editor – more topical for Canada now)

Navy awards $72 million to Boeing for prototype of extra-large unmanned submarine

Navy’s next-gen, ship-killing missile will be a hypersonic weapon dubbed HALO

Navy Puts Forth 9-ship Multi-Year Deal for Arleigh Burke Destroyers

US 6th Fleet flagship slated for decommissioning in 2026

CAES secures LRIP1 contract to support Lockheed Martin’s AOEW system

Report to Congress on Sea-launched Nuclear Cruise Missile

Marines Couldn’t Meet Request to Surge to Europe Due to Strain on Amphibious Fleet

NCOs: The Missing Link and Prioritize Good Leadership in SWOs (Editor – USNI Leadership essays)

Zumwalt Destroyers’ 155mm AGSs’ Removal Fates Undetermined and USS Zumwalt live fires ESSM and SM-2 during final air defence testing

USMC Declares IOC For CH-53K King Stallion

Navy COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal Separations Rise to 815

The Most Expensive Warship Ever Built Is Finally Ready (Editor – a huge flight deck and lots of eye-candy in a 4:52 min summary video)

US Navy’s new berthing barge conducts builder’s and acceptance trials

Divers Plug Holes in the Hull of Museum Ship USS The Sullivans

Gasoline Imports Flowing to U.S. West Coast Near-Record Pace



Destroyer USS Sampson Transits Taiwan Strait

North Korea’s new sub missile aims for US mainland

Japan’s Ruling Party Calls for ‘Counter Attack’ Capability, Increased Defense Budget

PLA Navy implies imminent launch of China’s 3rd aircraft carrier and PLA Navy Celebrates 73rd Birthday

China’s first amphibious assault ship ready for amphibious operations (Editor – 1:10 min video incuded)

PLA Navy announces commissioning of 2nd Type 075 amphibious assault ship, 6th Type 055 large destroyer

Two new Type 055 large destroyers, a new Type 052D destroyer confirmed in PLA Navy service of note China’s PLA Navy Appoints its First Female Commanding Officer

‘Held Hostage’ By Engine Manufacturers, World’s Biggest Naval Power – China Struggles With Submarine Tech (Editor – first-rate article with amazing/graphics)

CSIS: In the Shadow of Warships – How foreign companies help modernize China’s navy

Russia-Japan tensions flare anew over the Kurils

Australia’s Hunter-class frigate program must be stopped and redirected

Second Japanese carrier’s F-35B conversion and Japan’s Foreign Minister Promises A Stronger Military During Visit To US Aircraft Carrier

China’s home-built aircraft carrier Shandong starts 1st maintenance, refurbishment: media reports

Taiwan Unveils Two-Phase Anti-Ship Missile Deployment Plan

Cyberattack on Hawaii undersea communications cable thwarted by Homeland Security

Industry anger after Defence spends $90 million on second-hand vessel in Canary Islands

Exxon Declares Force Majeure on Russian Sakhalin-1 Operations (Editor – a crack in the Russian veneer)

10 people from missing Japanese tour boat confirmed dead and How a Japanese boat trip ended in tragedy

Indonesia Navy Seizes Two Tankers Carrying Palm Oil




Ukraine Releases ‘Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself’ Commemorative Stamp, Immediately Gets Hit By Cyberattack (Editor – couldn’t resist adding this one)

Floating Mines Hit Danube Ship Traffic

Navy of Russia uses Project 877 Paltus submarine to strike targets in Ukraine with Kalibr cruise missiles

Russia Confirms Casualties from ‘Moskva’ Sinking (Editor – IF you believe them) and Russia sending team to salvage sunken ‘Moskva’ warship – report of historical note the 110-year-old Russian salvage ship Kommuna(Editor – translates to “Commune”) and a bit about the missile possibly involved R-360 Neptune Anti-Ship Missile Used to Destroy Russian Warship in a 8:00 min video)

Russian Navy would still have 20 warships in Black Sea including submarines

Nationalists blocking 75 foreign ships at Ukrainian ports – Russian Defense Ministry (Editor – TASS article)

UK to supply Brimstone anti-ship missiles to Ukraine within weeks

Trained Russian Navy Dolphins are Protecting Black Sea Naval Base, Satellite Photos Show

Russian Black Sea Oil Exports Double, Are Sanctions Still Working? and Russia Continues to Dominate European Diesel Imports Despite Drop

Spain send troopship Reina Ysabel to Poland with weapons for Ukraine

CIMSEC: Sea Control 339 – the Montreux convention with Mark Nevitt (Editor – 20:02 min podcast) and note Turkey won’t allow foreign minesweepers to enter Black Sea: defense minister

New sanctions deal fatal blow to Russia’s Arctic LNG

Europe General:

UK’s aircraft carriers ready for Arctic role after HMS Prince of Wales’ High North operation and UK to purchase at least 74 F-35 jets

Northern Viking: Naval Maneuvers in the North Atlantic

NATO warships arrive at Finnish port for training exercises

German Navy’s Non-Combat Mission in Aegean Sea

French Navy’s First BRF Supply Ship To Be Launched On Friday

The “Moscow” is on the bottom of the Black Sea, but on the shores of the White Sea awaits a new cruiser

HMS Ambush visits Norway to test new submarine facilities

Finnish Navy Trains ASW with Swedish Submarine

Keel laid for new Royal Navy frigate HMS Venturer (Editor – first of five Type 31 frigates) Explained: The new Type 31 frigates

Spanish S-80 Plus-class submarine Isaac Peral to start sea trials

Ulstein Unveils Vision for Nuclear-Powered ‘Mobile Charging Station’ for Zero-Emission Expedition Cruise Ships

Irish Naval vessels likely to be scrapped to avoid repeat of embarrassments

Britain’s 1,000 mile punch – The Tomahawk cruise missile

ASFAT Selects SSI For Pakistan’s Jinnah Class Frigate

Transportation crisis looms in Arctic Russia

Rotterdam Remains Open To Russia As Port Throughput Falls Just 1.5 Percent

Activists block Russian oil tanker in Norwegian port, calling on govt to ‘stop fueling the war’ and Norway Arrests Activists Blocking Tanker with Russian Oil

Russia-Bound Luxury Cars Stack Up at Port of Zeebrugge



Egypt becomes 34th member nation of the Combined Maritime Forces

Pakistan Navy’s frigate PNS Shamsheer visits Bahrain and Pakistan Navy Interdicts Boat Smuggling Hashish in Gulf Of Oman

Survivors Accuse Lebanese Navy of Ramming Migrant Vessel

DIMDEX 2022: Iranian IRGC Navy sends IRIS Shahid Azeri

Fincantieri Delivers Second Al Zubarah-Class Corvette to Qatar

Houthis Release Crew of Seized Emirati Cargo Vessel



Who owns the Arctic and should they drill for oil and gas?

How Emerging Technology Is Breaking Arms Control

African Forces Used U.S. Seabase Woody Williams to Combat Local Threats

Royal Navy Icebreaker’s Crew Tests Drones to Scout for Ice Leads



How the USSR Lost the Afghan War – Panjshir Valley Battles DOCUMENTARY (Editor – not a maritime article, but a Ukraine bit of déjà vu in a 119:19 min video)

M777 Howitzer Firing (Editor – short firing video of the US [gave 18 and Canada gave 4 to the Ukraine] of these 155mm (6 inch) M777 towed howitzers)

The Last U-Boat Attack 1982 (Editor – twists and turns in a 13:33 min video) and the reality today Modern Submarine Torpedo Attacks Are Nothing Like What You See In The Movies

Aboard the Fastest Clipper Ship of the Victorian Era: The Cutty Sark (Editor – 12:21 min video)

Why Aircraft Carriers Are CV, And Not AC? #shorts awl you need to know (Editor – short video)


BOA and Related RCN Events 29 April – 1 May

Please find below a short listing of BOA commemorative events from across the country. As you will note the list certainly does not include all, so check your local news or with your local Reserve division for a commemorative service near you.

Ottawa – for a number factors/reasons, there will not be an official commemoration this year in Ottawa. An invitation only event will be held at the RCN Monument at Richmond Landing on the morning of Sunday 1 May.

Montreal – A commemorative service will be held at the old Clocktower in the Port of Montreal at 1100 on Sunday 01May 2022, led by HMCS Donnacona. Following the commemorative service, there will be a reception at the NDG Legion from 1230 to 1600. In attendance as a special guest will be Coder Frank Madigan, 97 years young and veteran of HMCS Medicine Hat.

Halifax – Join us on Sunday, May 1st, at Point Pleasant Park Sailor’s Memorial, to commemorate the 77th Anniversary of Battle of the Atlantic starting at 10:58 am. HMCS Sackville will also conduct a sail past as part of this commemorative event.

Vancouver – 2022 Fleet Weekend – The RCN invites you to visit our sailors and ships during 2022 Fleet Weekend – Friday 29 April through 1 May. Check out this edition of The Lookout for information on the three day program. On Sunday 1 May, the RCN and Maritime Forces Pacific will conduct a BOA commemorative ceremony at the Sailor’s Point Memorial in Waterfront Park North Vancouver.

London, ON – Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship PREVOST will be conducting the annual Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration Ceremony during a closed service on Sunday, 1 May 2022. The public is welcome to visit the memorial on Saturday, 30 April 2022 between 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM and lay a wreath if desired. The Battle of Atlantic Memorial is located at HMCS PREVOST, 19 Becher St, London.



1 May 2002  HMCS St. John’s joins the Canadian Naval Task Group, part of the multi-national anti-terrorism campaign in the Persian Gulf.

3 May 1937  A Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) half-company was authorized in Thunder Bay (Port Arthur at the time) and later developed into HMCS Griffon, the current local Naval Reserve unit.

4 May 1910  The Canadian Navy, in 1911 re-designated as the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), is authorized after Royal assent is given to the Naval Service Act of Canada.

4 May 1911  Her Majesty’s Dockyard Esquimalt is transferred from British to Canadian authorities.

4 May 1945  The cruiser HMCS Uganda sails with an American task force to bombard Japanese airfields as part of the Okinawa campaign.

6 May 1944  HMCS Valleyfield, a frigate, is torpedoed and sunk by the U-548 in the Atlantic Ocean with a loss of 123 sailors.

SIGNIFICANT RCN DATES – If you see any omissions or errors please inform me, and any more modern significant dates are also welcomed.  The list draws primarily from the Directory of History and Heritage’s comprehensive “Significant Dates in Canadian Military History”, the now defunct “Canada Channel”, “Legion Magazine”, The Naval Service of Canada, Its Official History Vol 1-3, NAC member Roger Litwiller’s excellent web site, encyclopedic guidance from NAC member Fraser McKee, the site, and anywhere else I can find credible information.  For the merchant ship history, I thank NAC member Bill Dziadyk for his able assistance and detailed work.  A comprehensive list of the staggering merchant losses – sunk, damaged, or lost – Canadian Merchant Ship Losses of the Second World War, 1939-1945 by Rob Fisher {Revised June 2001}, and for the loss of individual personnel RCN Ship Histories, Convoy Escort Movements, Casualty Lists 1939-1947)

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