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NAC News – Edition K444 HMCS Matane

NAC News – Edition K444 HMCS Matane

Your weekly national and international naval news for the week of January 14th, 2022

Edition K444 HMCS Matane (WW2 River Class Frigate with an active war service, and a fine resting place)

Rod Hughes – Editor NAC News  (Comments welcome to help improve this service.)

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UPDATED 26 January 2022 1300-1500 (Halifax time)  RUSI(NS) and NORAD & USNORTHCOM hosting of Distinguished Speakers Commander Corey Gleason, CO, HMCS Harry DeWolf, and Captain Al McCabe, USCG 17th District, Zoom event  “Arctic Maritime Security: US Coast Guard and Canadian Navy Operations.” Registration required by email to by close-of-business Sunday, 23 Jan 2022.  Subject line for email: RUSI(NS) Distinguished Speakers 26 January 2022 Registration.  Your name and organization required in text body.  Joining instructions will be emailed to registrants by end Monday, 24 Jan.

24-25 February 2022 Vanguard Ship Tech Forum 2022 – A virtual Defence Event. 0800-1700 Ottawa time. Keynote Speaker Andy Smith — Deputy Commissioner, Shipbuilding and Material of the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).  To register.

28 April 2022 – Initial planning has commenced for a BOA Gala Dinner in 2022.  This will be the first BOA dinner since 2018 and as in the past, the NAC will honour Canada’s Naval Veterans with a special evening at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.  To their great credit, the Ottawa Branch will undertake yet again the BOA dinner on behalf of NAC National to raise funds for our Naval Affairs programme to support the RCN.  Subject to COVID restrictions, the Dinner will be held on the evening of 28 April 2022, the Thursday before Battle of the Atlantic Sunday.  Mark your calendars and details to unfold.

NEW POSTPONED – MSC22 – Due to the uncertainties of potential Covid pandemic related public event restrictions, MSC22 has been postponed from the planned Mar 2022 conference until Nov 2022.  The MSC planning team is pleased to announce this in-person MSC22 will now take place 14-16 November 2022 in Victoria, BC.  The draft program for this November’s MSC22 is now posted on the MSC website and is available on the MSC social media channels.  ___________________________________


As talks with Russia stall, NATO chief warns of a new war in Europe and

Canada offers to support U.S. measures to deter Russia in confrontation with Ukraine

State Department Report on Chinese Claims in the South China Sea (Editor – this precis included link to full report)



Ottawa eyes Indo-Pacific plan to shift trade away from China

Focus on change, says Canada’s defence intelligence chief

Canada transfers command of Standing NATO Maritime Group One (Editor – BZ to Cmdre Peats and his staff, and HMC Ships Halifax and Fredericton for their well-executed duties)

A Revisit of the 2001 Defence Policy Paper (Editor – insightful straight talk from NAC member Nigel Brodeur)

Prince Andrew loses military affiliations, royal patronages amid sex abuse lawsuit and 3 Canadian military regiments without royal patron after Prince Andrew stripped of titles

Preview: CNR Vol. 17 no. 3 issue  (Editor – to subscribe)

Canada’s Special Operations Forces (every unit explained) (Editor – 10:11 min video)

Court refuses to guard unvaccinated Canadian Forces members against discipline

Maj.-Gen. Fortin’s appeal of decision around reinstatement to vaccine task force to go ahead

CGAI Podcast Network – Defence Deconstructed, David Perry speaks to Commander Corey Gleason, Commanding Officer of HMCS Harry DeWolf, as the vessel concluded its first deployment.  Defence Deconstructed is brought to you by Irving Shipbuilding and Boeing. (Editor – 34:08 min podcast) plus Canada’s Navy Returns to Arctic After Long Absence

Panel: Smaller NATO Navies Struggle with Recruitment, Awareness

REVEALED: Canadian military officer calls for a probe into a ground zero ‘Covid’ outbreak at Wuhan forces games TWO MONTHS before world was alerted to the ‘mysterious new illness’ (Editor – This allegation was first made two years ago)

Editor – two new NAC BN’s and the link to the other 42 posted NAC BN’s:

Naval Affairs Program Briefing Note # 41 Naval Training and Exercises

Naval Affairs Program Briefing Note # 42 Damage Control

Radar Man: Stuart Paddon’s unexpected wartime service

Editor – it was pointed out that the CF College student papers are available on-line for your reading enjoyment.  Two updated college papers evolved into Niobe Papers as showcased in the last edition NAC News in the Significant Articles section.  Here’s another useful example: A single procurement agency: a sinking ship or the holy grail? Lieutenant-Commander Mélanie Blanchard

Defence Team News | 12 January 2022 (Editor – OSI topic for this 3:25 min video)

CAF Story | Fire Torpedo! (Editor – 3:34 min video)

Veterans & Cannabis Use Research – Empowering Veterans to make informed decisions

HMCS Vancouver | RCN Cribs *Spoof* (Editor – amusing 2:13 min video)

Salute! – January 2022



USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Jan. 10, 2022

US Navy official says service is going ‘head to head with our adversaries’ all over the world

Falklands tensions on knife-edge as Argentina ready to commemorate 40-year anniversary

The Navy is making chaplains a permanent part of destroyer crews

The Unplanned Costs of an Unmanned Fleet and Unmanned maritime vessels: Military gamechanger or expensive prototype?

US Is Testing It’s New Gigantic $13 Billions Aircraft Carrier (Editor – a mixed bag of facts and pics during a 9:52 min video)

Report to Congress on the Navy Next-Generation Logistics Ship

Destroyer Preble to get Lockheed high-energy laser in 2022

Navy Unveils Next-Generation DDG(X) Warship Concept with Hypersonic Missiles, Lasers

US Navy May Put Autonomous Tech on Crewed Ships to Prevent Collisions

Last Zumwalt-class Destroyer Lyndon B. Johnson Leaves Bath Iron Works Bound for Mississippi

How much is the cost for operational of aircraft carrier  (Editor – I’m not sure how valid the $ numbers are, but it’s a fun 4:15 min video)

Navy Basic Training Extended to 10 Weeks, First Major Overhaul in 20 Years

Navy: More than 8000 Active and Reserve Sailors Are Unvaccinated Against COVID-19

BAE Systems Selected to Upgrade USS Mitscher and Lockheed Martin Upgrading SPY-1 Radars on 21 DDGs to Counter Evolving Threats

Brazil produces fuel for indigenous nuclear sub

Friesland replaced Holland as Antilles Guardship

ONE boxship loses over 30 containers in North Atlantic and Madrid Bridge Will Proceed to Charleston After North Atlantic Cargo Loss

US ports: New empty container dwell fees to improve supply chain



US, Japan to crank up cooperation vis-a-vis China

Russian Navy transits Tsushima Strait between Japan and South-Korea (Editor – I just couldn’t resist 1905 Russo-Japanese battle) and carries on Russian Navy task force enters Indian Ocean in long-distance deployment then Russian cruiser Varyag and destroyer Admiral Tributs visit India

China’s nuke carrier coup de grace in Taiwan Strait

Japan reported to have conducted free navigation ops in South China Sea

China is preparing to Challenge the Benign Hegemony (USA) Particularly on the Seas and Caudle: Russian, Chinese Submarine Threat Taken Seriously

Whither the Lightning Carrier in an Asia-Pacific War?

Bigger Than A U.S. Navy AEGIS Cruiser: China Is Building More Type-055s

How likely is a direct military confrontation with China? (Editor – helpful perspective)

Underwater drones herald sea change in Pacific warfare

SWOBOSS: Littoral Combat Ships Positioned to Supplement EABO Mission

U.S. military tracking Russian military vessel near Hawaii

Thai Navy Wrangles Ghost Ship Drifting Near Oil Rig

Beijing’s ‘re-innovation’ strategy is key element of U.S.-China competition (Editor – not a naval article but clarifying a major issue with military implications)

Bollinger Announces Latest Order from General Dynamics Electric Boat (Editor – handy to have a submarine transfer vessel or even an emergency floating drydock…not an original idea)

CIMSEC Interview: RAdm Christopher Alexander on accelerating surface navy tactical excellence

Samkang M&T to Build FFX Ulsan-Class Batch III Frigate for ROK Navy

Aselsan’s Zargana To Protect Pakistan’s Agosta 90B Submarines Against Torpedoes

Shipping Congestion Growing at World’s Biggest Port

Chinese Traders Shrug Off Indonesian Coal Export Ban then Indonesia Eases Coal Export Ban, Alleviating Supply Concerns



NATO rebuffs Russia, vows no halt to expansion but U.S., Russia meet for ‘substantial’ talks, but breakthroughs on Ukraine appear unlikely then Russia downplays threat to Ukraine in talks with US and Russia may assign Navy to take certain measures if provoked by US — MFA

Two NATO carrier groups will sail north for exercise Cold Response

NATO to accept Sweden, Finland very quickly if they decide to join alliance — Stoltenberg

UK DIO completes upgrades to Royal Navy Northern Ammunition jetty

Danish Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate Peter Willemoes to reinforce NATO forces

French Navy’s 2021 Report On Global Maritime Security

‘If we don’t transform, we will fail and lose’, warns departing deputy Navy chief

French Navy ATL2 MPA: Someone Just Lasered The Wrong Aircraft

French presidential hopeful: “I am for leaving NATO”

Norway Activists Protest After Docking Of US Nuclear Submarine In Tromso: Reports

Russia’s new North Pole platform soon ready to move into ice

Russian Navy’s state-of-the-art minesweeper arrives in Sevastopol

HMS Westminster returns to Portsmouth after demanding submarine hunting mission

UK military chief warns of Russian threat to vital undersea cables and Disruption at one of two undersea cables to Svalbard

RAF’s submarine hunter fleet complete with arrival of ninth P-8A Poseidon

Productions Begins On Italian Navy’s U212NFS New Generation Submarine

British aircraft carrier to become NATO flagship and HMS Prince of Wales departs Portsmouth to join Nato rapid response task force

Royal Navy looking for ‘Extra Large’ drone submarine

All 5,100 Vessels Lost by the Royal Navy Can Now be found in One Place

HMS Victory conservation project to spend £35m on ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity



Iran Allegedly Smuggling Weapons to Yemen: Report

Essex Amphibious Ready Group Leaves 5th Fleet; No U.S. Capital Ship in Middle East



Naval News Monthly Recap – December 2021 (Editor – 4:39 min video)

Maritime Domain Awareness Satellite constellation satellites due for launch

French frigate Chevalier Paul joins Operation Atalanta to counter-piracy

SA Navy fails to meet sea hours target as budget cuts bite

US Spain and Morocco Collaborate to Conduct Rescue in Moroccan Coast

Indian Navy hands over interceptor craft to Mozambique

First refueling 2022, at the Antarctic Naval Base “Arturo Prat”

Antarctica: Invasive species ‘hitchhiking’ on ships

Scientists Say The Ocean Is Getting Loud

Why Equatorial Guinea May Host China’s First Atlantic Naval Base

BIMCO Urges Gulf of Guinea States to Step Up Prosecution of Pirates

Expedition to find Endurance at the bottom of Antarctic sea prepares to set sail 100 years after the polar explorer’s death



Submarine Hunters: Canada and the Cuban Missile Crisis (Editor – Historica Canada 9:31 min video)

“The naval gun at Okinawa” restricted 1946 U.S. navy report on effectiveness of naval gunfire 83184 (Editor – starts slowly but is an impressive summary in a 20:27 mi video)

A bad day at the office – perspective on the HMS Ambush collision

The Drumbeat Mystery

Axis Submarines Thrust into Canada – Battle of Saint Lawrence (Editor – not that historically accurate but curious melange of pics in a 10:40 min video)



If you see any omissions or errors please inform me, and any more modern significant dates are also welcomed.  The list draws primarily from the Directory of History and Heritage’s comprehensive “Significant Dates in Canadian Military History”, the now defunct “Canada Channel”, “Legion Magazine”, The Naval Service of Canada, Its Official History Vol 1-3, and Roger Litwiller’s excellent web site, encyclopedic guidance from Fraser McKee, the site, and anywhere else I can find credible information.  For a comprehensive list of the staggering merchant losses – sunk, damaged, or lost – here is an excellent web page: Canadian Merchant Ship Losses of the Second World War, 1939-1945 by Rob Fisher {Revised June 2001})

  • 1 January 1907  Military – British Admiralty provisionally hands over the Halifax Dockyard to Canadian authorities.
  • 1 January 1923 The National Defence Act, which was passed in June 1922, takes effect, creating the Department of National Defence.
  • 1 January 1946 The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve and the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve together become the RCN (Reserve).  From this date officers of the Regular Force and Reserve wore the same sleeve lace.
  • 1 January 1991 The crew of HMCS Preserver flies to the Persian Gulf to relieve HMCS Protecteur’s crew.
  • 3 January 1941 Canada and the U.S. acquire air bases at Gander, Newfoundland, and Goose Bay, Labrador, on a 99-year lease.
  • 4 January 1943 HMCS Prince Henry is re-commissioned as Landing Ship Infantry (Medium).
  • 4 January 1945  German U-boats torpedo steamship “Polarland” near Halifax; Canadian merchant ship “Nipiwan Park” also had her bow was blown off up almost to the bridge, but she was towed into Halifax, rebuilt, bought by Irving Oil as a tanker. As an extra note, all the Park ships were named after actual parks.  But the park she was named after in Manitoba is Nipawin Park.  The spelling & launching name error was not noticed until much later!
  • 4 January 1781 Royal Navy press gang seizes Lunenburg farmers in Halifax and puts them on a British Man-of-War, despite a jury finding that the impressment is illegal.
  • 7 January 1941 A Special Committee of the Cabinet War Committee recommends that Japanese-Canadians not be allowed to volunteer for the armed services on the grounds that there is strong public opinion against them.
  • 8 January 1944 HMCS Camrose commanded by A/LCDR L. Raymond Pavillard, RCNR, and HMS Bayntun sank the German submarine U-757 in the North Atlantic.
  • 9 January 1945 HMCS Ehkoli, a former RCN patrol boat, is re-commissioned in the RCN as a survey vessel.
  • 11 January 1957 HMCS Magnificent arrives in Port Said with the main body of the Canadian contribution in troops and materiel to the United Nations Emergency Force controlling the Israeli-Egyptian border.
  • 13 January 1943  RCN corvette HMCS Ville de Québec commanded by LCdr A.R.E. Coleman, RCNR sank the German submarine U-224 west of Oran Algeria.
  • 14 January 1952 HMCS Uganda is renamed Quebec.
  • 15 January 1991 The UN security Council deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait passes and the Persian Gulf War begins.
  • 17 January 1957 HMCS Bonaventure is commissioned at Belfast, Northern Ireland.  She is the first aircraft carrier to be owned outright by Canada and incorporates several post-war technical developments: an angled deck, mirror landing aid, and steam catapult.
  • 19 January 1911 The Royal Naval College of Canada opens in Halifax.
  • 19 January 1943 HMCS Port Arthur commanded by Lt Edward T. Simmons, RCNVR sank the Italian Submarine Tritone in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • 21 January 1975 HMCS Assiniboine rescues eight crew members from a merchant ship foundering off Nova Scotia in a daring Sea King helicopter rescue.
  • 22 January 1942 The Canadian Naval Board is established.
  • 24 January 1932 HMC Ships Skeena and Vancouver land armed parties at Acajutla, El Salvador, to protect British subjects threatened in a revolution.
  • 24 January 1946 HMCS Warrior, the RCN’s first aircraft carrier, is commissioned and Nos.803, 825, 826 and 883 Squadrons (already manned by Canadians) are transferred from the Royal Navy.
  • 26 January 1955 Cabinet approves the entry of members of the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service as members of the RCN Regular Force.
  • 29 January 1914 First public parade of  Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve
  • (RNCVR) in Victoria. With ex-RN instructors.
  • 30 January 1991 At the Battle of Babiyan two CF-18s were diverted to attack an Iraqi fast patrol boat that had managed to escape destruction by other aircraft.  After two strafing runs with the CF-18s 20 mm guns, the boat was irreparably damaged and later found to have sought safe-haven in Iran.
  • 31 January 1923 The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve and Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve are established.  Twenty-two years later during the second world about 100,000 officers and men were enrolled in the RCN, the RCNR, and the RCNVR, and some 6,500 women in the WRCNS.  The peak strength of the entire Naval Service was reached in January 1945 with over 92,000 including Wrens.

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