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NAC News – Edition 430 HMCS Harry DeWolf

NAC News – Edition 430 HMCS Harry DeWolf

Your weekly national and international naval news for the week of October 8th, 2021

Edition – 430  HMCS Harry DeWolf

(Editor – fun to be including a new ship into the numbering, 5+2 CCG to come!  I had the great pleasure of touring her last Sunday evening while she was berthed at Odgen Point in Victoria (Editor – 59 sec news video); she is well crewed, ably built, and such a capable and versatile warship Canada can be proud of…her next transit will include the Panama Canal on her long trip home!)

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NEW  13 October 2021 a Wednesday 1500 (3 pm Vancouver time).  MSC Virtual Session 9: “Carrier Strike Group 21 and Britain’s Resurgence in the Pacific”  To Register

NEW  27 Oct 2021 RUSI(NS) extends an invitation to a presentation by RAdm Brian Santarpia, Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic and Commander Maritime Component.  Topic – “Royal Canadian Navy – Globally Deployed for Strategic Effect.”  Event is free but Registration required.  Email by close-of-business 24 October.  Subject line for your registration email: RUSI(NS) Distinguished Speaker 27 October 2021 Registration.  Include your name and your organization in the text body.

28-29 October 2021 0800-1700 (Ottawa time) Deep Blue Forum: Canadian submarine design and technology considerations: today and 20 years into the future.  Keynote speaker Admiral James G. “Jamie” Foggo USN (Ret.).  A virtual event, to register

Editor – In 2021 the NAC Endowment Fund disbursed $48,000 in grants, and the NAC Endowment Fund Trustees received requests for worthwhile projects totaling more than this sum.  The Spring/Summer 2021 Edition of STARSHELL summarizes the disbursements of the NAC Endowment Fund.  These grants demonstrate our commitment to ensure Canadians are aware of the need for a Navy, the Navy’s history, and what those who have served have given for their country.  Members are encouraged to make an annual donation to the EF so that over time these disbursements may increase to meet the growing demand.  NAC Branches are also encouraged to identify and promote suitable projects for Endowment Fund grant proposals.  NAC Endowment Fund


CIMSEC Sea Control 281 – Here there be dragons with Tim Choi and Adam Lajeunesse (Editor – excellent discussion by two familiar academic contributor in a 34:34 min podcast)

A joint naval exercise in the Pacific sent a stark warning to China


Canada’s submarines play a critical role in our defense capability — and they’re getting old (Editor – a highly visible precis of the author’s Macdonald-Laurier Institute paper “Deadline 2036” that was in edition K428 two weeks ago.

Two milestones completed during HMCS Harry DeWolf’s historic circumnavigation deployment then HMCS Harry DeWolf docks in North Vancouver between ‘historic’ sails (Editor – 1:57 min video) and Canada’s newest warship is in Victoria for a rest and maintenance before heading south

REVISED – The NAC(O) presentation last Monday “Save the HMCS Haida- the RCN’s Ceremonial Flagship” (Editor – 43:59 min video) was very well attended, BZ to Peter Ward for recounting how he and a group of Navy buddies helped save HMCS Haida, and well done to NAC(O) for arranging such a fine show.  As part of the evening, Peter was presented with the 2021 Admirals’ Medal by our National Naval Affairs Director Tim Addison. NAC has recently assumed responsibility for the Admirals’ Medal Foundation. CRCN, VAdm Baynes, was in attendance and congratulated Peter. More information on the Admirals’ Medal and the presentation can be found at this link. Additional information on this award, its background and the list of recipients will be added to our website and other social media in the coming week.

DM-A/CDS Message: COVID-19 vaccine requirement for the federal workforce

Canada’s military grievance system plagued by backlog, needs urgent reform: retired judge

HMCS Winnipeg’s Sentinels (Editor – laudable initiative)

Military drops general from sexual misconduct file after uproar

St. Lawrence Seaway August YTD traffic up by 5.2 per cent to 20.7 million tonnes

Canada Invokes 1977 Treaty Over Great Lakes Pipeline Repairs

Damen to deliver North America’s first all-electric car ferries to government of Ontario


CIMSEC – Modern naval mines: not your grandfather’s weapons that wait (Editor – time and again history has proven that you ignore mines at your great peril)

U.S. Navy hit by another international bribery scandal

Ultra awarded $23 million for Mk 54 lightweight torpedoes

General Dynamics to deliver anti-submarine mine system Hammerhead Prototype to US Navy

In Pictures: HMS Spey And HMS Tamar Sail Through Panama Canal

Navy Establishes New MH-60R Helicopter Squadron

US Navy awards contract for extended-range missiles

USCGC Reliance Returns from 63-Day Patrol

Navy Issues $144M Award to Austal USA to Build Yard’s First Steel Ships

The US Navy Sold 2 Obsolete Aircraft Carriers to Scrap Dealers for a Cent Each

Navigate by the Stars—From Beneath the Waves (Editor – the Navi-guessers will be excited by this article)

Report on Navy Large Unmanned Surface and Undersea Vehicles

US East Coast Ports Backed Up as Congestion Spreads

Officials Looking Into Whether A Ship’s Anchor May Have Caused Pipeline Leak Off Southern California and Report: SoCal Pipeline Operator Took Hours to React to Spill Alarm then Small crack in pipeline may have delayed detection of spill off California coast


Navy secretary’s new strategic guidance focuses on deterring China from invading Taiwan and US deeply concerned over Taiwan-China tension

Interview: U.K. Royal Navy’s First Sea Lord Talks AUKUS, British Carriers in the Pacific

Jeffrey Sachs on Afghanistan World Insight with Tian Wei of CGTN (Editor – NAC member Fraser McKee sent me this 4:48 min clip that although not maritime/naval is illuminating)

China’s Growing Maritime Empire

UPDATED: Attack Submarine USS Connecticut Suffers Underwater Collision in South China Sea

Taiwan Doubles Down On Anti-Ship Weapons

British aircraft carrier ignores Chinese warnings for second time and Was Carrier Strike Group Right To ‘Assert The Law’ In Indo-Pacific Region? (Editor – 3:06 min video embedded) plus CSG21: Prime Minister Claims ‘Dozens’ Of F-35s Deployed On HMS Queen Elizabeth

U.S., U.K. Aircraft Carriers Drill with Japanese Big Deck Warship in the Western Pacific (Editor – impressive pic)

First Japan-UK submarine warfare exercise held with China in its sights

Is a Nuclear Submarine Really the Right Choice for Australia?

USMC F-35B aboard Japan’s Helicopter Carrier JS Izumo (Editor – 2:53 min video)

One of the Navy’s ‘newest and most capable’ destroyers joins 7th Fleet in Japan

HMS Diamond Demonstrates ‘Wonderful Partnership’ With Australian Navy

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, U.S. Carrier Strike Group 1 Complete Bilateral Exercise

N.Korea ship with missile spotted off Japan coast (Editor – a new wrinkle in this 1:03 min video)

Australia joins Five Powers partners for Ex Bersama Gold 21

Submarine deal: crash-diving into ‘Davey Jones’ locker’?

CCP condemns AUKUS ‘clique’ and How Russia will likely respond to AUKUS

US Navy BQM-177A Aerial Target Successfully Tested Off The Coast Of Japan

Pakistan Navy and Saudian Royal Naval Forces conduct joint drills

DSME launches ASR-II submarine rescue ship for South Korean navy

Russian Subs for India to be equipped with top-notch technology, manufacturer assures and Indian Navy to operate mix of nuclear and conventional diesel-electric submarines: Govt

Myanmar junta leader inaugurates armed coast guard

GSL delivers patrol vessel to Coast Guard ahead of schedule

U.S. Navy on Track to Sell Replacement EA-18G Growler Aircraft to Australia

Indonesia, China go toe-to-toe in gas-rich Natunas (Editor – Natuna Sea)

Seaspan Takes Delivery of First of 70 Newbuild Containerships (Editor – wow)

India Buys 2 Million Tons Of Inexpensive Australian Coal Lying At China’s Ports

Seven Workers Killed in Two Months at Bangladesh Scrapyards


Standing NATO Mine Countermeasure Group 1 conducts operational handover sure (Editor – of note this is the first time SNMCMG1 has been under United States command since its inception in 1973.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin Named New Chief Of The Defence Staff

Glasgow, Leith and Orkney welcome NATO Warships after Joint Warrior

Progress report: Manta – the Royal Navy’s experimental autonomous submarine

Naval Group Unveils Large UUV (Editor – 7:52 min video)

Mitrofan Moskalenko helicopter carrier to become Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship — source (Editor – Project 23900 amphibious assault ship)

Tsirkon hypersonic missile first time test-fired from Northern Fleet submarine

Turkish Navy Prevents Malta-Flagged Boat from Drilling in Mediterranean, Defence Ministry Says

SAFE Boats Contracted For Six More Mk VI Patrol Boats For Ukraine

Netherlands and Belgium boost ASW training

Belgian warship excluded from NATO exercise because crew are under-trained

Estonia Selects Blue Spear Anti-Ship Missile For Coastal Batteries

Safran’s Patroller UAV Proves Its Maturity during OCEAN2020

France Seizes Ton of Cocaine and Detains Crew of Bulker

Royal Navy’s Coastal Forces heroes finally immortalised in new museum display in Gosport (Editor – lots of Canadian Reservists in coastal force too, 4:46 min video embedded)

Full power ahead for UK to Norway under-sea power cable

Radioactive time bombs will be lifted from ocean floor in 2030


China sends new fleet on Gulf of Aden escort mission

Enemies Impotent in Face of Iran: IRGC Navy Chief (Editor – what rubbish)

British Carrier Strike Group heading to Middle East

Navy’s new Middle East task force to find ways to apply AI and unmanned to complex region

Suez Canal Sets New Record for Traffic Volume


Royal Navy Joins Maritime Security Effort in the Gulf of Guinea

US Navy and Africa Command engaging with SANDF during ship visit

What is Driving the Changes in Arctic Ice Cover? (Editor – a non-homogenous and complex environment)

CIMSEC – Seabed Mining: the Coast Guard’s deep future

Biofouling becomes a big issue after idling ships grow by 100 pct since 2009

Liberian Registry becomes preferred global tanker flag


U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Shirt Colors Explained (Editor – 6:02 min video)

The Mariner’s Mirror Podcast The Maritime History of World War Two (Editor – thought-provoking lessons are discussed in relation to a new book on a modern interpretation of WW2 events in this 36:39 min podcast)


(If you see any omissions or errors, please inform me, and any more modern significant dates are also welcomed.  The list draws primarily from the Directory of History and Heritage’s comprehensive “Significant Dates in Canadian Military History”, the now defunct “Canada Channel”, “Legion Magazine”, historical website “The Second World War – A Day by Day Account”, and Roger Litwiller’s excellent web site, encyclopedic guidance from Fraser McKee, and anywhere else I can find credible information)

  • 1 October 1910  Captain E.H. Martin, RN (Retd.), is appointed Officer-in-Charge, Halifax.
  • 2 October 1952  A tunnel near Songjin on the main rail line carrying war supplies from Russia to North Korea was frequently shelled and under constant repair.  It was the target for about two hours as HMCS Iroquois worked to keep repair crews from bringing the line back into operation.  During a lull, Iroquois was hit in “B” gun turret by shore artillery batteries.  LCdr John Quinn was killed, as were AB’s Elburne Baikie and Wally Burden.  PO’s Emilien Fortin, Gerald Jamieson, and Edward Moslin, plus AB’s Adam Aimee, Waldo Berggrenn, Gilbert Dynna, Joseph Gaudet, Edwin Jodoin, Eugene Riley, Walter Wrigley were seriously wounded or suffered splinter wounds.  These were only battle casualties suffered by the RCN during the Korean conflict; however, it should be mentioned that five other sailors were lost at sea during the War.
  • 4 October 1944  HMCS CHEBOGUE (frigate) is torpedoed by U -1227 800 miles west of the British Isles.  The ship is towed 1,400 kilometres to Wales.
  • 8 October 1944  HMCS Mulgrave strikes a mine off Le Havre, is beached and becomes a total loss.
  • 8 October 1992  The Governor-General, the Prime Minister and other dignitaries unveil the Peacekeeping Monument in Ottawa.
  • 8 October 2001  Minister of Defence Art Eggleton announces the details of Canada’s contribution to the campaign against terrorism.  Canada’s initial commitment involved 2000 personnel from the Canadian Forces and included the deployment of ships, aircraft and a small contingent of soldiers.  It is the biggest mobilization of the armed forces since the Korean War.
  • 9 October 1943  German sub U-220 lays 66 magnetic mines 24 kilometres off St. John’s Harbour.
  • 13 October 1710  The defenders of Port Royal surrender to a British naval expedition.
  • 13 October 1910  Her Majesty’s Dockyard, Halifax, is transferred to Canadian ownership by a British Order in Council.
  • 14 October 1944  HMCS Magog (frigate) is torpedoed and badly damaged by U-Boat 1223 in the St. Lawrence River off Pointe des Montes.
  • 16 October 1915  An Order-in-Council gives the Hospitals Commission authority to provide retraining and rehabilitation for disabled veterans.
  • 16 October 1944  HMCS Annan A/LCDR Charles P. Balfry,  RCNR, sank the German submarine U-1006 south of the Faeroes.
  • 17 October 1944  HMCS Prince Henry and HMCS Prince David engage in landing liberation forces in Greece (17-18 Oct).
  • 19 October 1940  Patrol vessel HMCS Bras d’Or foundered in the early morning while keeping the Romanian freighter Ingener N Vlassopol under surveillance in the Gulf of St. Lawrence near Anticosti Island.  The two ships traveled down the St. Lawrence River together but in the Gulf of St. Lawrence they ran into a storm and heavy seas on the night of 18/19 October and are eventually separated and the Bras d’Or disappeared with her 30 crewmen.  Investigation determines that the Bras d’Or was not rammed as there is no damage to the freighter.  A report from the mate on the Romanian freighter stated that the lights on the Bras d’Or were extinguished at 0350 hours local, 19 October.  It has been suggested Brad d’Or foundered due to icing conditions that were prevalent at the time.  A search is later made but nothing is ever found of the ship nor were any bodies (5 officers and 25 crew).
  • 19 October 1943  British ore carrier Penolver and American freighter Delisle hit mines laid by U-220 off St. John’s Harbour.
  • 20 October 1940  HMS Windflower, the first corvette built in Canada, is commissioned into the Royal Navy with a Canadian crew.  She is turned over to the RCN in 1941.
  • 21 October 1910  HMCS Niobe arrives in Halifax, the first Canadian warship to arrive at her base in Canada.
  • 21 October 1942  HMCS Royal Roads becomes the Royal Canadian Naval College and commences training cadets.
  • 21 October 1943  HMCS Chedabucto sank after night collision with the cable vessel Lord  Kelvin, 30 miles from Rimouski, Quebec.  She is later beached and becomes a total loss.One officer was lost.
  • 21 October 1944  HMCS Uganda (later Quebec) is commissioned, becoming Canada’s first cruiser since Aurora was paid off in 1922.
  • 22 October 1914  HMCS Niobe makes her first operational patrol off the Strait of Belle Isle.
  • 22 October 1940   Canadian destroyer HMCS Margaree is lost in collision with merchantman SS Port Fairy as she escorts Liverpool-out convoy OL8 450 miles to the west of Ireland.  Cut in half the forward half of the ship sinks immediately, the after half remaining afloat is eventually sunk by gunfire from the Port Fairy.  She sinks with 142 casualties, but 31 crew survive.  Compounding the tragedy, 86 of those lost are survivors of the Fraser disaster.  Margaree is the second destroyer lost due to collision within four months.
  • 23 October 1939  HMCS SAGUENAY (Destroyer) intercepted the German tanker Emmy Friederich which scuttled herself.
  • 23 October 1969  A major explosion occurred aboard HMCS Kootenay.  The blast and intense engine room fire would become known as one of the worst peacetime accidents in the history of the RCN, with nine of her crew killed.  Three years later, six crew members received medals honouring their bravery during the incident.  Chief Petty Officer V.O. Partanan and Petty Officer 2nd Class Lewis John Stringer were both posthumously awarded the Cross of Valour.  They were the first recipients of the newly initiated Canadian Cross of Valour which is our highest decoration for bravery in non-combat circumstances.  The Star of Courage was awarded to Sun-Lieutenant Clark Reiffenstein (posthumously) and Petty Officer Clement Bussiere.  The Medal of Bravery was awarded to Chief Petty Officer 2ndClass Robert George and Petty Officer 1st Class Gerald Gillingham.
  • 24 October 1949  A programme for the construction in Canadian shipyards of anti-submarine destroyer escorts for the RCN was announced by the Minister of national Defence in Parliament.
  • 25 October 1944 HMCS Skeena was wrecked in a storm, and grounded near Reykjavik, Iceland. Fifteen lives were lost.
  • 26 October 1952  HMCS Crusader destroys a North Korean supply train near Songjin: RCN gunners account for the destruction of eight enemy trains during the conflict.
  • 28 October 1955  HMCS St. Laurent (second of name) is commissioned as the first warship of all-Canadian design and construction.
  • 29 October 1952  HMCS Athabaskan leaves Esquimalt, B.C., on its third tour of duty in Korea.
  • 30 October 1918  HMCS Galiano was lost, with all her crew of 39 and one female passenger, in Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island.  HMCS Galiano and her crew of Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reservists was the only Canadian Naval vessel lost during WWI – only 12 days before the armistice to end the “war to end all wars”.
  • 30 October 1942  A RCAF Hudson of No. 145(BR) Squadron destroyed U658 with a salvo of depth charges 320 miles out of St. John’s Newfoundland.  Later that same day, a Digby of No. 10(BR) RCAF Squadron sent U520 to the bottom far out in the Atlantic.

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