Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of the Atlantic

The first weekend in May is set aside to remember those who served in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), and the Canadian Merchant Navy during the Battle of the Atlantic (BOA); the longest battle of the Second World War. It was the RCN’s defining moment, escorting large Merchant Navy convoys that carried vital supplies between Canada and the United Kingdom. The Battle of the Atlantic was the lifeline for democracy and the key to ultimate victory.

Sunday 2 May – RCN BOA 76 Commemorative Activities

Year 2021 marks the 76th Anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Atlantic (BoA). The BoA was the longest campaign of the second World War which primarily saw six allied countries: Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, United kingdom and United States battle for sea superiority against Nazi Germany and their submarine wolf packs. The Battle began on the opening day of the war in September 1939 and ended almost six years later with Germany’s surrender in May 1945. The Battle claimed  22 Canadian Navy ships along with 59 Merchant ships. More than 70,000 allied seaman, merchant mariners and aviators lost their lives, including 4,600 Canadians.

Our proud naval and maritime history could not be better represented than by our success in the BoA and for this reason, our annual naval and maritime commemorative ceremony takes its name on the first Sunday in May of every year to honour the sacrifices of our sailors, airmen and women who served in the BoA.

Though “gatherings” for ceremonial events are scaled down due COVID-19 constraints persisting across the country, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) will commemorate the victory of the BoA “virtually” through its social media accounts so we may all individually and safely salute and honour the sacrifices of our sailors, airmen and women.  Additional historical BoA information can be found at following link:

Please find below, the RCN “virtual” BoA76 program that includes the following elements scheduled on Sunday, 2nd May 2021. As members of the Navy team you are encouraged to follow RCN social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc…)throughout the day, broadcast will begin at 8:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

0800 – Historical BOA76 Commemorative Feature Video published on RCN channels

1000 – CRCN Commemorative Post on CRCN accounts: personal statement in text/photo medium.

1100-1115 – Livestream/Pre-recorded Wreath Laying at National Naval Monument with CRCN & Comd Chief on RCN channels

1700 – Montage of submitted BOA76 Ship Ceremonies

All day: 0900-1700:


Royal Canadian Navy / Marine royale canadienne


@RoyalCanNavy / @MarineRoyaleCan

As most of you will know these events will be conducted virtually as there will be extremely limited in-person participation this year. Based on what already has been posted to the Navy’s social media pages, these should be good events. And, as Rod Hughes always says “ have a look at Roger Litwiller’s great website”.

Have a look at this website For Posterity’s Sake. Some great history there!

Additional Information:

Lest we forget those who sacrificed so much during the BoA and reflect on their contribution to the RCN heritage and legacy we represent today.

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