NSNAC Organization and Activities

NSNAC Organization and Activities

How is NSNAC organized?

  • A volunteer Board of Directors oversee the Branch’s programs and finances. A small executive administers the affairs of the Branch and organizes social, educational, and fund-raising events.
  • Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the membership for unspecified terms.
  • Directors nominate one of their number to be President whose appointment is similarly ratified by the membership at the AGM.

Interim Board Of Directors

President, Bruce Belliveau

Past President, Peter Haydon

Secretary/Treasurer, Robert Rounds

Advocacy, Bill Woodburn

Fundraising, Tony Goode

Heritage, Len Canfield

Alumni/Social, Vacant

Chaplain, Charlie Black


Charles Westropp, Rowland Marshall, Sherry Richardson

Branch Activities

Rebuilding NSNAC

At the Annual AGM 2020, it was moved and approved to conduct strategic level planning for NSNAC.  At the AGM the following themes were approved for assessment in the strategic plan:

NS NAC advocacy role as it relates to Maritime Affairs;

Develop a Maritime Heritage Awareness programme;

Conduct of single focused fundraising for the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust (CNMT); and

Maintain an alumni like function for the membership.

Maritime Affairs

Information on NSNAC Maritime Affairs activities will be posted when events or

initiatives take place. For current initiatives at the National Level please visit navalassoc.ca

Naval History and Heritage

Information of interest to members concerning RCN and maritime history will be

posted periodically.

Support for Veterans

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) now defines a veteran as being, “Any former member

of the Canadian Armed Forces who successfully underwent basic training and is

honourably discharged.”

However, other criteria, in addition to Veteran status, are needed to qualify

for services from the Department. The VAC website (veterans.gc.ca) contains

much information on services and eligibility. In addition, Some NSNAC Directors

have experience in these matters and are available to help members.

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