NSNAC Membership and Renewal Form

NSNAC Membership and Renewal Form

What do you get for your membership?

In addition to participating in activities to meet the Association’s objectives, members:

(1) are invited to attend quarterly luncheons, some of which have a VIP speaker, and

which are also used as fund-raising opportunities for our charitable activities;

(2) are invited to attend periodic naval and military related presentations and

seminars hosted by NSNAC and other associations such as RUSI;

(3) are sent, periodically, copies of media items, briefings, and academic articles

concerning RCN and general naval programs and activities, as well as on Canadian

defence and security matters; and

(4) have access to the NSNAC website containing, inter alia, information on veterans

programs and information on Branch future activities.

What is the cost of membership?

Annual dues are $65.00 of which $40.00 goes to the national organization for

program coordination, production of the quarterly newsletter, Starshell, and support

the national maritime affairs program.

How do I  join NSNAC?

You can apply for membership here.