Selection Criteria and Annual Cycle

Selection Criteria and Annual Cycle

Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee shall consider the following in their deliberations:

Generally, the medal is awarded for outstanding achievement and impact in Canada’s marine sector in areas including vision, executive action, science, technology and academic studies or for the application of practical skills. Alternately, the medal is awarded for an outstanding contribution or body of work in a maritime/naval field of endeavour warranting special recognition. The Committee should consider:

  1. The nominee’s years of experience/commitment in their field of endeavour.
  2. The significance of the nominee’s body of work over his/her career(s) or the significance of an individual or single action or endeavour.
  3. Any awards or recognition that have already been received by the nominee which may highlight the significance of the nominee’s achievement.
  4. The relative standing of the nominee in his/her field of endeavour as compared to others in a similar undertaking.
  5. The significance of the nominee’s contribution to maritime/naval affairs in Canada, relative to those who have received the Admirals’ Medal previously.
  6. How the nominee’s action(s) or activities have had a positive and lasting influence on Canadian maritime/naval affairs.
  7. Exceptional circumstances notwithstanding, a nominee may be nominated more than once, but not more than three times over his/her lifetime.
  8. A nominee who is awarded the Admirals’ Medal shall not be considered for a subsequent nomination.

Annual Cycle

The Call for Nominations will be promulgated by the NAC every year, in the month of May, following the Battle of the Atlantic Sunday, using NAC’s communications instruments, website, social media, emails and the like.

Nominations shall be collected by the Secretary of the Selection Committee and will be submitted to the Chair of the Selection Committee by 1 November annually.

The Committee shall meet as necessary over the remaining two months of the year, such that a recipient has been selected by 31 December each year.

The recipient will be informed of the award in the month of January and arrangements will be made to conduct the presentation of the medal by the first six months of the new year, preferably before the first Sunday in May.

Should there be no nominees for the year, or those nominated are not considered deserving, the awarding of the Admirals’ Medal shall be held over to the following year.