Selection Committee Terms of Reference

Selection Committee Terms of Reference

The Admirals’ Medal Selection Committee shall be composed of no less than three and no more than five members, one of which shall be the Chairperson.

Committee members shall be individuals who served with distinction in senior appointments in the RCN and/or the Government of Canada and are well aware of the Admirals’ Medal, its history and significance.

Optimally Committee members shall serve for a period of three to four years, such that a new member will join the committee every second year and the responsibilities of chairperson can be assumed by a member who has been on the committee for at least two years.

Committee Members shall meet in person or online as required to review the nomination files provided by the Secretary to the Selection Committee in accordance with the Annual Cycle outlined below.

Selection of the winning nominee will be achieved by members of the Selection Committee ranking the nominees in sequential order from highest ranking as one, to lowest ranking at the number of nominees being considered. The nominee with the lowest cumulative score shall be declared the winner. Should there be a tie the Chairperson will have the deciding vote.

As a result of Selection Committee deliberations, the Chair of the Committee will submit a report detailing the winning nominee and any recommendations to carry forward nominees not selected in the given year.

Additional Notes:

The Selection Committee shall be in no way responsible for the Admirals’ Medal Foundation or any other administrative matters concerning the Medal, the affairs of which shall be handled by the NAC.

There will be no compensation paid to members of the Committee. Reasonable out of pocket expenses will be covered by the Naval Association approved in advance and with submission of receipts to the Director of Naval Affairs.