The documents and links on this webpage are provided for members to access the various governance laws, regulations and practices of NAC National.

As a result of changes to the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act in 2014, the Naval Association of Canada has received a Certificate of Continuance and Articles.

Certificate of Continuance




Forms – while the Admin Manual does contain a number of forms, it is best to use the form located on the topic webpage: i.e Awards Form (on the Awards related webpage), Endowment Fund related forms (on the Endowment Fund related webpages), etc…

Financial guidance – The Guidance to Treasurers posted below is UNDER REVISION AT THIS TIME – the document posted below has many good points in regard general Branch financial and accounting best practices. However in regard the most recent financial information/reporting dates (the NAC fiscal year now ends December 31st vice March 31st in the guidance manual below is but one example) you are advised to contact the NAC National Treasurer.