William (Bill) Thomas

The NAC Membership Committee

Purpose/ Mandate
The Membership Committee is a standing committee of the Board which shall:

  • develop and implement strategies for new member recruitment and member retention;
  • address membership satisfaction and issues/concerns about the ‘value’ of membership.

The Membership Committee shall establish and report on appropriate measures of success in the areas of membership growth, retention and satisfaction.

To fulfill this mandate, the Membership Committee shall in cooperation with Branches:

  • Communicate to potential new members the value and benefits of membership in NAC;
  • Research and report on membership best-practices in organizations similar to NAC;
  • Ensure that the new member application/member renewal process is being effectively administered;

Committee Members

  • The Chair of the Membership Committee shall be appointed by the Board;
  • Each Branch shall be requested to name a Branch Membership Chair who shall normally serve on the NAC Membership Committee;
  • Other members may be appointed by the Chair as deemed appropriate.

The Naval Association of Canada (NAC) is a national non-profit association that promotes the importance of maintaining a strong Canadian naval capability. NAC has fourteen affiliated regional Branch organizations from St. John’s to Victoria. Membership is open to any citizen who supports the NAC mission. NAC cooperates with other organizations to achieve its mandate.