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NAC News – Edition 566 (NMN Ships Cabot, Fogata, and Petrel)

NAC News – Edition 566 (NMN Ships Cabot, Fogata, and Petrel)

Your weekly national and international naval news for the week of May 24th, 2024

Edition: 566  HMN Ships Cabot, Fogata, and Petrel (Editor – 1914-1915, the Royal Newfoundland Navy consisted of 3 ships – which eventually transferred to the RCN.

Quote:   “All mariners are familiar with the term, “in extremis.”  In essence, it means that a ship is in dire peril. A collision or grounding is imminent, and the consequences will be catastrophic.  Today, it is the assessment of the Naval Association of Canada (NAC) that Canada is very close to being “in extremis.”  The threats to our national security from state and non-state actors are growing while the nation’s ability to defend itself has atrophied.  Continuing in the present direction will take the country into dangerous waters.  This paper outlines NAC’s assessment of Canada’s current situation and offers a clear-eyed evaluation of what is required to chart a more prudent course.  The proposed actions are not merely band-aid solutions, they are consequential.  Defence funding must continue to expand but, beyond that common panacea, real reforms as well as tangible rebalancing in favour of core priorities must be considered.  The NAC recommends that the Government of Canada consider the observations and conclusions contained herein and factor them into the implementation of Canada’ s recently updated defence policy. The time for action is now.”  Forward from Canada in Extremis – Rebalancing the Canadian Armed Forces and Rebuilding the Canadian Navy, Tim Addison, Director of Naval Affairs Naval Association of Canada, May 2024

(Editor – Full paper in “This Week’s Significant Articles” section)

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14 November 2024   Mark your calendars, here is the advanced notification for Vanguard Deep Blue Forum 2024 to be held at The National Arts Centre, 1 Elgin Street, Ottawa ON K1P 5W1.



Editor – After 5 months in development NAC Naval Affairs team has finalized and published the excellent paper titled “Canada in Extremis – Rebalancing the Canadian Armed Forces and Rebuilding the Canadian Navy”.  A great read and useful for making Canadians aware of the need for the RCN, share this paper as widely as you can!

Federal panel lists 35 ‘plausible’ future threats to Canada and the world (Editor – not to be an alarmist, but many of these challenges will inevitably end in some form of conflicts)

Trudeau gets an earful on defence spending from nearly one-quarter of the U.S. Senate



Royal Canadian Navy HMCS William Hall Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship Commissioned Into Service

GAO Report on F-35 Modernization (Editor – despite the problems, 88 CF-35s are headed our way – without aircraft like this a nation has no air power.  Without air power all militaries are severely handicapped.  More than 1000 planes have been built with 17 nations operating or have ordered an F-35 variant, and more countries are giving it serious consideration)

Boeing invests in support toward Canadian P-8A aircraft

Report calls for faster cultural change in Canada’s Armed Forces

Could Canada’s next chief of defence staff be a woman?

BC Ferries receives $75M for zero-emission vessels

Return to Monchy, a moment with a casket, stirs emotions as anticipation builds over return of N.L. soldier

Swiftsure races moved to later start in hopes of catching stronger wind

First Oil Export Cargo from Canada’s Expanded Trans Mountain Pipeline Set to Load and Government of Canada prepares to sell TMX

Military’s former head of HR sues government, others for millions over handling of misconduct claim

Atlantic to get ‘extraordinary’ hurricane season

Latest Edition of NAC-O’s May Soundings is available.  Great article included about the new Protecteur Class.

NAC Children’s books are still available for sale

Lookout:  Volume 69, Issue No. 20, May 21, 2024

NAC Niobe paper No. 15   The Royal Canadian Navy Fleet: A Pathway to Decarbonisation by Lieutenant-Commander Linda Hodgkins  (Editor – Please share with anyone you think may benefit from the knowledge, after all, that’s what our naval affairs programme is all about – enlightening Canadians)



USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: May 20, 2024

Lockheed Martin Launches Patriot Missile from VLS in First-Ever Test and its ***game-changing implications*** U.S. Navy’s New Missile Adds Punch & Sustainability (Editor – 9:38 min video)

Navy Secretary Backs U.S. Maritime Revitalization Plan

Navy under fire for the size of its fleet (Editor – imagine this discussion in Canada, 2:00) min video)

US Navy Christens Final Independence Littoral Combat Ship

Destroyer USS Carney Returns Home After Seven-Month Deployment, 51 Houthi Engagements

U.S. Navy Starts Requirements Definition for Seahawk Replacement (Editor – useful one to watch)

The US has spent $5bn on electronic warfare in 2024 alone

USS Leyte Gulf returns from final deployment

USS Greeneville Arrives at New Homeport of Naval Base Point Loma

USS Pierre christened in Alabama Saturday before heading to homeport of San Diego

Navy Awards $1B Contract for 5th, 6th Constellation-class Frigates

SURFOR Establishes Unmanned Surface Vessel Squadron (USVRON) Three

Chilean Navy advances plans to replace Type 209/1400-L submarines. and Milei’s Argentina reveals it is in talks with Germany & France to acquire 3 submarines.

Global Drug Enforcement Needs Greater Focus on Criminal Networks, Says Admiral

Brazil, United States partner to combat illegal fishing

Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Dali Refloated

The Other Billion Dollar Icebreaker Program



China holds military drills around Taiwan as ‘strong punishment’

This summer’s RIMPAC exercise in Hawaii drawing 30 nations and 40 ships

Philippines Navy establish new barracks in South China Sea

Japan Commissions Fifth Mogami-Class Frigate ‘Yahagi’ 「やはぎ」

HMAS Anzac farewelled after 30 years’ service

Thailand and China Push Forward with Submarine Deal despite Engine Hurdle

Indian warships reach Manila as part of deployment to South China Sea

Philippines And Japan Finalize Largest Coast Guard Project To Date

Marking 110 years of silent service

Arleigh Burke class destroyers complete maintenance faster than expected thanks to Japanese manpower.

PLA Navy hospital ship visits islands and reefs in South China Sea




Ukraine Says Naval Forces Destroyed Another Russian Warship and Russian sources confirm Tsiklon Karakurt-class missile ship was sunk by US-supplied ATACMS missiles.

Nuclear brinkmanship in Putin’s war: Upping the ante

Rosenberg: Putin’s military purge echoes Prigozhin’s call to act

UK Imposes Sanctions Over Russia-North Korea ‘Arms-for-Oil’ Trade

Russia’s shadow tanker fleet skirts sanctions, fuels war—and more and Sanctioned Russian Tankers Mostly Sit Idle Months After Designations


Norway closes border for Russians tourists and shoppers and Russia conducts Barents SAR exercise without Norwegian participants

Baltic States propose 2.5% Nato defence spending target, ACDC (Editor – strategic shift)

NATO demonstrates ability to close Baltic Sea

Russia moves to extend its maritime borders, angering Baltic Sea nations

Top brass sees possibility of US warships provocatively entering Northern Sea Route

Airlines grapple with spike in GPS interference. Experts say it’s collateral damage from global conflicts

Fincantieri Launches Second Logistic Support Ship for Italian Navy

HMS Hurworth demos mine disposal expertise

Navy needs to adapt faster and be more cutting-edge, Second Sea Lord say

Saab Kockums composite superstructures offer reduced weight as navies integrate more equipment

UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary Officers to Begin Industrial Action Amid Ongoing Pay Dispute

Romania reaffirms commitment to European Patrol Corvette program after cancellation of national tender.

Climate Change and Red Sea Turmoil to Boost Arctic Shipping with Arctic Shipping Route to See First-Ever Panamax Containership

Uncertainty returns to Belfast’s Titanic shipyard



Red Sea:

Houthis Claim Attacks on 3 Ships, Including One in Mediterranean

Houthi Attack Damages Shadow Fleet Tanker Carrying Russian Oil

Panama-Flagged Oil Tanker Attacked Off Yemen


Aid trucks begin moving ashore through Gaza pier, U.S. says with More Than 1 Million Pounds of Aid Moved Into Gaza Via DOD’s Temporary Pier

LCS quartet being lined up by Navy for Middle East mine operations

The Impacts of Raisi’s Death

Fincantieri and UAE’s EDGE Group Launch Shipbuilding JV with $434M Order



Spanish Frigate Secures Cargo Ship After Failed Pirate Attack

Crew Tied Up and Robbed on Product Tanker in Atlantic Far from Africa

How Tiny Djibouti Said ‘No’ to the U.S. Over Houthi Red Sea Attacks

PLAN type 054a frigate in Cape Town – CNS Xuchang FFG-536

Why the world’s oceans are changing colour

Marella Cruises launches microplastic capture trial with Cleaner Seas Group



The (unsung) naval operations that made D-Day possible (Editor – 18:14 min video)

Wreckage of US World War Two submarine found after 80 years



23 May 1941  The first seven corvettes for the Newfoundland Escort Force arrive in St. John’s.  They secured to a rotting wooden wharf at the southern end of the harbour. Apart from fuel, shelter, food, water and encouragement, St. John’s offered little in 1941.

25 May 1945   HMCS Ontario was a Minotaur-class light cruiser built for the RN as HMS Minotaur but transferred to the RCN.  HMS Minotaur was laid down on 20 November 1941 by Harland & Wolff of Belfast and launched on 29 July 1943.  She was transferred to the RCN in July 1944 and completed and commissioned as HMCS Ontario on 25 May 1945 at Belfast.

28 May 1945  Signal sent from Admiralty, discontinuing all convoys on the north and south Atlantic, Arctic Ocean, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and St. Lawrence.  One by one, merchant ships began turning on navigation lights and then sailing in full illumination, causing the final convoys to shine like bright cities on the water.

29 May 1982   The National War Memorial in Ottawa is rededicated to include dates of the Second World War and Korean War.

30 May 1939  King George VI presented his Colour to the RCN in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC

31 May 1920  The cruiser HMCS Niobe is paid off.

SIGNIFICANT RCN DATES – If you see any omissions or errors please inform me, and any more modern significant dates are also welcomed.  The list draws primarily from the Directory of History and Heritage’s comprehensive “Significant Dates in Canadian Military History”, the now defunct “Canada Channel”, “Legion Magazine”, The Naval Service of Canada, Its Official History Vol 1-3, NAC member Roger Litwiller’s excellent web site, encyclopedic guidance from NAC member Fraser McKee, the site, and anywhere else I can find credible information.  For the merchant ship history, a special thanks to NAC member Bill Dziadyk for his able assistance and detailed work.  The RCN lost 1,965 men and 24 ships during the War, most of them in the Atlantic.  A comprehensive list of the staggering merchant losses – sunk, damaged, or lost – Canadian Merchant Ship Losses of the Second World War, 1939-1945 by Rob Fisher {Revised June 2001}, and for the loss of individual personnel RCN Ship Histories, Convoy Escort Movements, Casualty Lists 1939-1947)

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