Nova Scotia Branch (NSNAC)

Nova Scotia Branch (NSNAC)

Who are we?

  • We are the Nova Scotia Branch of the Naval Association of Canada (NSNAC). The Branch, which now covers all three Maritime Provinces, is part of a national naval organization dedicated to furthering the public understanding of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and its people.
  • NSNAC maintains close ties with Maritime Forces Atlantic, HMCS Scotian (home of the Halifax Naval Reserve), the Royal United Services Institution (RUSI), and several local naval, maritime, and military museums.

What does NSNAC do?

(1) Supports “Not-for-Profit” organizations that provide for the welfare of former

and serving naval personnel and their dependents.

(2) Provides education grants (bursaries) to two students with naval connections

every year.

(3) Supports local and national organizations that maintain and promote Canadian

naval and maritime heritage and history, especially HMCS Sackville and the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust (CNMT).

(4) Encourages individual members to participate in public education initiatives concerning the RCN. We do not yet have the capacity to do this as an organization.

(5) Acts as an alumni association for former members of the RCN and allied navies.

Who are our members?

(1) Former and serving members of the RCN and its Reserve Component.

(2) Former serving members of allied navies.

(3) Other people who share our interests and objectives.

What do you get for your membership?

In addition to participating in activities to meet the Association’s objectives,


(1) are invited to attend quarterly luncheons, some of which have a VIP speaker, and

which are also used as fund-raising opportunities for our charitable activities;

(2) are invited to attend periodic naval and military related presentations and

seminars hosted by NSNAC and other associations such as RUSI;

(3) are sent, periodically, copies of media items, briefings, and academic articles

concerning RCN and general naval programs and activities, as well as on Canadian

defence and security matters; and

(4) have access to the NSNAC website containing, inter alia, information on veterans

programs and information on Branch future activities.

What is the cost of membership?

Annual dues are $65.00 of which $40.00 goes to the national organization for

program coordination, production of the quarterly newsletter, Starshell, and support

the national maritime affairs program.

How do I  join NSNAC?

A Membership Application Form can be downloaded here.

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Contact NSNAC

Nova Scotia Branch

Naval Association of Canada

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