Paul Baiden

Paul was born in Toronto, joined the RCN in 1963, and as an “Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator”, accumulated a total of 7,115 flight hours during his extensive 25 year Maritime Operational Flying Career. This 25 year span, of his 32 years of service, included four aircraft types; the CP121 (Tracker), the CH124 (Sea King), the CP107 (Argus) and the CP 140 (Aurora), and eight squadrons; VS 880, HS 50, VT 406, VT 405, VP 415, VT 404, MR 880 and VP 407. This period also included service in HMCS Bonaventure where he endured the rigors of 63 Catapult Launches and 70 Arrested Landings, and he logged a total of 607 Destroyer Deck Landings while flying in Sea Kings.

Paul was recognized several times throughout his military career: commencing with the Star of Courage, awarded in recognition of an act of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril, for his heroic rescue efforts off Cape Breton, NS on February 16, 1972; followed by the Base Commanders Commendation for outstanding performance in his secondary duty as Base Financial Counsellor, CFB Summerside; to becoming a Member of the Order of Military Merit in 1986 and then a Member of the Order of Saint John in 1995 for his numerous years as the Base First Aid/CPR Instructor Trainer, for both military and civilian programs, in CFB Summerside, CFB Comox and National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa.

In 2012 he was inducted into the Order of Saint George and in 2013 was awarded the Minister of Veterans Affair Commendation for his continuous work on behalf of Veterans. He retired from the CF, in 1995 and continues to reside in Ottawa with his wife Debbie. Note: Paul has spent the last 24 years on the executive and is the current National Chairman of Canadian Naval Air
Group. (CNAG)

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