Nick Leak

Nick Leak joined the NAC shortly after his retirement in May 2014 and a 33 plus year career. He was then asked to join the NAC Ottawa Board as a Director in November 2014. Joining the Navy as a Marine Systems Engineer he served in DGMEM (the precursor of DGMEPM) in Ottawa, then in various capacities in Halifax, NS including on board Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships PROTECTEUR and PRESERVER. From 1997 he worked at National Defence Headquarters in a series of appointments that were atypical for an Engineer in Information Management, Strategic Change, Maritime Strategy, Force Structure Review and Force Development. Following his service he started his own company providing professional services in the marine engineering and project management domains including work with the commercial marine industry. In his first year with the NAC Ottawa Board he worked on various committees and assisted with the 2015 Battle of the Atlantic Gala. He continues to reside in Barrhaven (Southwest Ottawa) with his wife Janet.

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