Fred Herrndorf

Fred Herrndorf has been a stalwart in the NAC Ottawa Branch for many years. Like many who joined after WW II and Korea, Fred did Midshipman’s training in Canadian Destroyers and then attended Lieutenant’s Qualifying Courses in the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, UK. Fred specialized early in Navigation and later in Weapons and served as a watchkeeper and NavO in HMCS ATHABASKAN, NavO in COWICHAN, and as Weapons Officer in CAYUGA and CRESCENT.

He also served in the Fifth Escort Squadron as Squadron Weapons Officer and underwent DDH-280 Training at the Combined Support Centre, Stadacona. Originally of Dutch descent, Fred also served as the Canadian Resident Liaison Officer, Hollandse Sinaal Apparaten BV., Hengelo during the M-22 and ASWDS Contracts 1970-72. Fred was also a member of the PNO staff at Davie Ship Building in Lauzon, Quebec for conversion of SKEENA to a DDH. On completion he joined SKEENA as Weapons Officer and later served as XO. Many will remember Fred as the Course Officer for the Long Weapons Course (14th &last) and then as Course Officer for Combat Control Officer courses 1-3 at Stadacona.

In the latter part of his RCN career Fred served in NDHQ in DProg A as a Capital Project Analyst, at DIT as Project Officer for Trainers and Simulators and in the CPF Project Office where he was responsible for Training and Shore Facilities Requirements.

In civilian life Fred worked for MIL Systems Engineering Inc. during the CPF and Trump Projects where he was the Technical Documentation Manager for fourteen years. He also did a stint with Fleetway on the Reverse Osmosis Desalination Project. In the NAC Ottawa Branch Fred has served twice as President. He is now Past President and continues to serve as the NAC National Archivist and Endowment Chair.

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