David Soule

David Soule served as an officer in Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Navy for 37 years. David joined the Naval Reserve at HMCS DONNACONA in 1975 and transferred to the Regular Force in Jan 1977. He served in Canadian Oberon Class submarines for 10 years,
was assigned as the combat officer for the Fifth Canadian Destroyer Squadron and held the position of submarine tactics officer and operations analyst at the Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Centre. He was assigned as the executive officer for HMCS WINNIPEG in the summer of 2000 to June 2002, a tour of duty that included a USN carrier battle group deployment to the Persian Gulf in Summer 2001. In Summer 2002 he was appointed the coordinator for the Navy’s career management section of D Mil C. Promoted to commander in 2003, he was assigned responsibility for the Canadian Forces Joint Doctrine section, DCDS J7DS.

David served for a number of years in project related assignments including project director for a variety of anti-submarine weapon and sensor systems. He was project director for the Standing Contingency Force; a proposed Joint Canadian Forces rapid response force that was, in part, to acquire an amphibious capability for the Canadian Forces. (part of the The General Hillier
“Big Honkin Ship” project)

In June 2007, David was appointed as the project director for the Royal Canadian Navy’s new capability, the Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS), a position he held until July 2013. He joined the Directorate of Naval Strategy in July 2013 where he was
responsible for future naval concept development. He retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Navy on 6 January 2014.

David graduated from RMC with a Bachelor of Military Arts and Science degree (history with focus on German U-boat tactics and the Battle of the Atlantic) in 1999. He completed Canadian Forces Staff and Command College in summer 2000. David and his wife Heather reside in Orleans, Ontario. They have three daughters; Amanda, Melaika, and Emma. David has been a member of the NAC Ottawa branch since 2012.

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