2018 AGM

2018 AGM

 2018 NAC National AGM Date

Wednesday – 27 June 2018, (1200 Ottawa time)

The 2018 NAC National AGM was held on Wednesday 27 June 2018, via teleconference and will use the GoToMeeting conferencing tool . The documents below provide the agenda items and other background information that was discussed, submitted for approval or tabled at the AGM



NAC Directors information – At the 27 June 2018 AGM the following Director’s terms are due to complete: Dennis Baird, Rowland Marshall, Charles O’Leary, Ron Skelton, and Ed Williams.

The following Directors will continue to serve NAC (term end dates are in parenthesis): Bill Conconi (2019), David Coulson (2019), Jeff Gilmour (2019), William C. Thomas (2019), Brian Cook (2020), Mike Hoare (2020), Barry Walker (2020), Rod Hughes (2020), Ian Parker (2020), and Mark Phillips(2020).

The Board of Directors has set the size of the Board at 10 for 2018/2019 (until the June 2019 AGM).  Therefore there are no nominations for Directors being sought at this AGM.