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24 October 2017

24 October 2017

News from National AGM in St. John’s

Please find below the memo distributed to the National Board by David Soule, our National Executive Director. Yours truly has agreed to stand as President and to work with the National Board as we restructure Board assignments and tasks going forward to more effectively distribute workload.
From David Soule:
Members of the NAC National Board and Branch Presidents,

I have prepared a very brief summary of the events in St. John’s. For Branch President’s, feel very free to forward this information to your members.

New NAC President: Your new National President is Bill Conconi from NAC-VI.

Over the coming weeks the Board will be putting together the framework in regard how the Board will function as well as assign various NAC related responsibilities among Board members so our President is well supported.

Thank you St. John’s and NLNAC – on behalf of all of us who attended the AGM and conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, this past weekend, please accept our thanks and appreciation for the fine efforts of NLNAC in putting together a superb show. It reaffirmed why these events need to continue and involve, as much as possible, some of the smaller Branches in hosting National events. The conference held at the Marine Institute, meetings at HMCS CABOT, and the social events at the Crowsnest and CFS St. John’s were first class events.

Special thanks to Edgar Williams, Wayne Ludlow, and Margaret Morris, and many others, for making this an event to remember. It was great to smell the salt air and not nearly so great to be reminded how a beautiful day on the coast can turn nasty so quickly.  (warm sunshine to showers and a brutally chilling wind in a matter of minutes). All to say it was great to be by the ocean.

NAC Board election results: the Board is pleased to welcome the following new Board members: Brian Cook (NOAC-BC), Rod Hughes (NAC-VI), Michael Hoare (NAC London), Ian Parker (NAC-Ottawa), Mark Phillips (NAC-Toronto), and Barry Walker (NAC-Ottawa). I would also like to thank John Dugan for putting his name forward to run for the Board. (updated photos coming shortly to your favourite website)


It would be remiss of me not to thank the following Board members who are leaving the Board (Perhaps we see some of your names put forward in the future); David Hudock, Daniel Sing, Jim Carruthers, John Anderson, and Tony Goode. Thank you for your time and service to the National Board.


2017 NAC Awards: For those who did not receive their medal in St. John’s, I will be forwarding these later this week. The list of award winners can be found at this link: (see Annex B)


2017 NAC Endowment Fund grants:


The list of grants can be found at this link. The EF directors have indicated these cheques will be in the mail this week. I want to thank EF Board members  for their efforts as this is never an easy task. (See Annex C)


AGM Outcomes 

(Agenda can be found at this link):


– Election for BOD – see above

– Naval Affairs Program – the plan, as presented by Daniel Sing, was approved. You will see more information in the coming weeks and months as to how the plan is to be implemented. I want to thank Dan and others, who have worked hard to make this endeavour possible. Best wishes to those in who will be involved to bring this plan to fruition over the coming weeks, months and indeed, years.

– Starshell – We will continue to publish Starshell. Over the coming weeks we will inform you of the near-term and longer-term plan. I want to thank George Moore for his service as editor and “chief cook” for Starshell, but he deservedly wants to move on and we are working to make that as painless as possible.

– Membership Survey Results and Recommendations –  these were agreed to and are put forward for implementation – some are rather obvious and could be implemented very quickly while others will take time to move forward. All to say please have a look and move forward on those you can right away. Membership is an ongoing and, quite frankly, a personal effort that all NAC members must pursue. Thanks to Bill Thomas and others in compiling the survey and recommendations. Please do read the report as there are some very sage words there. (See annex D)


Jim Ready provided a very thorough brief in regard the challenges that lie ahead for Sackville’s preservation, especially the hull. The Sackville Trust folks are working hard to ensure the essential refit and maintenance takes place with all dispatch, noting this will require significant effort, including support from NAC. More information in regard this issue will follow in the coming weeks and months and Jim’s report will be part of the draft AGM minutes which I hope to complete later this week and will post.

– In Memorium – you will note the list of names of those who past in Annex A to the agenda. While I requested this information from you at the AGM, if I am missing a name, please send an email with as much detail as per the Annex as you can so I can ensure the list is updated as best I  can.


Thank you – President Jim Carruthers – this was the last AGM for our former President. All wished him well and thanked him for his dedication and personal drive in moving a number of key NAC issues along. Thanks Jim! Jim will remain engaged with NAC as Past President/in support of the Board as need be.


Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank those of you who were involved in making the 2017 AGM a success. I do appreciate your support, input and advice in making this AGM a success.



As first steps unfold, Rod Hughes has agreed to stand as Vice-President  and has agreed to take on the Naval News Component that Past President Jim was doing. He aims to get news and links of interest out to the members weekly with the caveat that we may have the odd missed submission due to holidays, etc.

The National Board will be re-visiting our Governance structure in three months to examine progress and to affirm our plan going forward.

More news as it unfolds

Yours Aye

Bill Conconi