To assist in the conduct of business and achievement of objectives, NAC operates with the following committees:

ADVISORY: Chair  – proposed by the members of the committee. Members – Branch Presidents. The AC advises the Board on matters affecting Branch operation.

AWARDS: Chair to be confirmed. Membership – selected by the Chair. The Awards Committee reviews/approves nominations for awards put forward annually.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Chair – NAC National President. Board members from Halifax [Tony Goode], Ottawa [Dave Hudock] and Victoria [Mike Morres]. Terms defined in the Guidance Manual.

ENDOWMENT: Chair – Brooke Campbell. Members – Larry Fournier, Doug Plumsteel, Reg Kowalchuck and Peter Chipman. Terms defined in the Guidance Manual.

FINANCE: Chair – NAC National Treasurer (King Wan). Members – Branch Treasurers. Terms defined in the Guidance Manual (modified set of directions proposed for new Administrative Instructions).

MEMBERSHIP: Chair – Ed Williams. Members – Branch Membership Directors plus interested members. Terms to be developed.

NAVAL AFFAIRS: Chair – Dan Sing. Members – From both within and outside of the Association. Along with the grassroots OUTREACH committee the NA committee is the heart of the Association, delivering support to our Navy. Terms to be defined in the new Administrative Instructions.

NOMINATIONS: Chair – Jim Humphries. Members – representing our geographic regions. Tasking – to develop terms of reference and refine the nominating / election process.

OUTREACH: Chair – Richard Archer. Members – Coordinators from each Branch. The grassroots approach to helping Canadians understand the need for a strong Navy. Terms to be defined in the new AI document.

RESERVES: Chair – John Anderson. Members – representatives from every Branch. To maintain a healthy relationship with local reserve units. Terms to be defined in the new AI document.

WEB: Chair – Bob Bush. Members – Branch webmasters. Task – to bring current and relevant NAC and Naval affairs information to members and non-members through the Internet. Terms to be defined in the AI document.