The 2016 AGM is scheduled for 1930 (1900 for 1930), Monday 6 June 2016 in the Crowsnest, HMCS Bytown.  Documents for the AGM are below – please check regularly as documents are posted as they become available.

Motions – If you wish to raise a motion on an issue of particular concern to you, we would prefer that you submit a written motion, including  a short background on the issue, to the Secretary by 31 May 2016.  This will allow distribution to the membership for their information/review and ensures that all are aware of the issue and that sufficient time is available to debate/discuss.

Proxy Form – If you cannot attend the AGM you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf or use the attached form and email/drop-off/mail to the Secretary.  Page 2 of the form contains the instructions.  If you do not understand what to do feel free to contact the Secretary.  If you cannot attend the meeting you are strongly encouraged to exercise the proxy option.

If you have any questions in regard the the AGM please contact the Secretary, David Soule by email at


“Slate” of Nominees for Director

New Nominee Bios

Additional New Nominee Bio

Proxy Form

2015 AGM Minutes (Draft)

2016 Reports –

Annex A – Last Post

Annex B – Agenda

Annex C – Financial Statements

Annex D – President’s Report

Annex E – Speakers Program

Annex F – Outreach

Annex G – Entertainment

Annex H – Membership

Annex J – Conferences

Annex J Appendix 1 – BoA Gala

Annex K – Member Support

Annex M – Library

Annex N – Soundings

Annex P – Historical

Annex Q – Endowment

Annex R – Salty Dips

Annex S1 – Director Attestation

Annex S2 – Indoctrination 

Annex S3 – Directors Training Manual