So you’re a new member…….

Introduction to NAC Ottawa for New Members

Congratulations, you have just joined (or are thinking of joining) the Ottawa Branch of the Naval Association of Canada (NAC). This primer gives you the historical background of the NAC and directs you to answers to some of your most likely (and frequently) asked questions.


The Naval Association of Canada (NAC) is a development of the former Naval Officers Association of Canada, founded at the end of the Second World War by returning Volunteer Reservists. It originally had two broad aims: to maintain the friendships which service at war had fostered and to promote a strong and modern Naval Service. Over the years, this sense of companionship expanded to embrace an awareness of Canada as a maritime nation with vital interests in our three oceans. In 2011 the Association approved expansion from its traditional base of retired naval officers to include all those who are interested in the welfare and support of Canada’s Navy – whether serving, retired, or civilian, no matter their rank.

The NAC-Ottawa Branch (short form NAC-O) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization composed of members who are ready, willing, and able to actively and effectively take steps in support of one or more of NAC’s three objectives: the need for a capable Canadian Navy, the need to recognize and preserve Canada’s maritime heritage, and the expression of naval camaraderie and mutual assistance. As such the annual dues of NAC-O are income tax deductible.

What does Membership offer you?

  • a shared interest in our Navy. We believe that a strong organization such as ours is critical to the Royal Canadian Navy’s long-term success.
  • A strong speakers program focused on issues of importance to our Navy. In the last four years we have addressed the shipbuilding strategy, Navy personnel issues, a national strategy for combat suite development, and Canada’s naval strategy;
  • A forum (on Linked-IN and at our monthly meetings) where members can interact with today’s leaders. The strength of our speakers program, which is a key feature of the monthly meetings, is evidenced by the outstanding quality of speakers including senior naval officers, government leaders, key industry participants and experts in the field. Speakers not only provide a unique source of information for our members, and support our deliberations, but also take away invaluable input through our privileged platform [Chatham House Rules] approach. Our monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, except for January and the summer months, at 1900 for 1930 (that’s 7:00 PM for 7:30 PM in Navy talk) at HMCS BYTOWN, 78 Lisgar Street in Ottawa. The first 30 minutes of the monthly meeting offers a chance to socialise and get caught up with colleagues and friends. The meeting commences at 1930 with an update from the President and introduction of our guest speaker. Halfway through the meeting a light lunch of sandwiches and veggies is available
  • Priority access to NAC’s biennial professional conferences in Ottawa
  • Twice yearly copies of the outstanding Branch newsletter SOUNDINGS
  • Copies of the national NAC newsletter STARSHELL published 4 times per year
  • Email distribution of worldwide naval news, weekly updates on our Navy and strategic assessments
  • Priority access to tickets for the annual Battle of the Atlantic gala dinner
  • Two lunchtime receptions at HMCS BYTOWN – spring and fall
  • Wednesday lunch get-togethers at HMCS BYTOWN
  • Member support. The Branch has developed a program to provide support in a number of areas: death of a spouse or family member, caregiver burnout, addiction assistance and estate planning.

Frequently Asked Questions – Ottawa Branch

The NAC-O and national website is a treasure trove of information. New members are urged to check it out and use it to their advantage. Below are some FAQs with links to where you will find answers.

  1. Where can I find the Bylaws for the Ottawa Branch?

  1. Who is running the Ottawa Branch and how can I contact them?

  1. To contact the President personally, go to:

  1. What are the membership dues and how and when do I pay?

  1. Where can I find the Calendar of Events for Ottawa Branch?

  1. I need some help with a personal issue, who can I contact?

  1. Where can I find the current and back issues of Soundings, the Branch newsletter?

  1. How can I contact other members of the Branch?

The Fall Edition of Soundings includes the Branch membership


  1. Give me an overview of the National organization and what it does.

  1. How can I access the National magazine Starshell and other Branch newsletters? and

  1. What is the NAC doing with respect to keeping the members up-to-date on Naval Affairs?

Our National President, Jim Carruthers publishes via email a regular synopsis of what’s going on in Naval Affairs in Canada and globally. If you’re a member, you should be on this distribution list. If not, let us know. Additionally go the NAC website at to see the Powerpoint brief for the NAC “Outreach” and other hot topics.